Letter cheaper than tar ponds postcards

Letter to the editor from Greg MacVicar
Cape Breton Post
Thursday, May 20, 2004

I don't know if Parker Donham's comments in response to the critical reaction to the tar ponds postcard mailout were supposed to soothe taxpayers (Tar Ponds Post cards Anger Some People, May 18). If they were, I suspect he failed.

My first thoughts were: "Man, you've sold your soul. I hope the paycheque is worth it."

Did anybody tack that pretty postcard to the bulletin board or stick it on the fridge, and IMAGINE what Sydney can be? I doubt it. People picked their teeth with it, used it as coaster, or fired it in the blue bag.

If Donham has a problem with local media, which do tend to be reactive, he should write a letter to the editor and challenge media to be more proactive and do some digging, and in turn challenge the public to IMAGINE.

The Cape Breton Post boasts an 88 per cent adult readership in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. A letter to the Post would be a hell of a lot cheaper than printing up 50,000 postcards. And more people would probably read it while flipping to the obituaries.

Greg MacVicar
Marion Bridge