Muggah Creek Watershed

Bio-medical waste

These photos may take some time to load, however, they speak a thousand words each! ... and are worth the wait.

The following photographs were taken on January 24, 1999, one year after the Cape Breton Regional Municipality started accepting Hazardous Medical Waste from the entire province of Nova Scotia.

Problems about "normal" garbage not burning properly were brought to the attention of the Municipality, the Provincial and Federal Governments. These problems seemed to have been ignored and the photos below are a result.

While you are viewing these photos, ask yourself the following questions:

If you have any questions or comments please email

If you have any questions or comments please Email

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality published the following in their BIOMEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION NEWSLETTER NO.1, June 1997:
"After combustion, the volume of the solid waste is reduced by approximately 93%. The remaining residue is ASH. Bottom ash and fly ash are the non-combustible portions of the waste collected during incineration."

Cape Breton Environmental Group's (CBEG) INFORMATION SHEET ON ASH FOR CBRM, September 1997:
What is ASH?
"Bottom Ash" is the coarse, black material collected from the base of the burning chamber.

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