Tory leader, critic call for immediate action on Frederick Street issue

Cape Breton Post, February 13, 1999
Progressive Conservative Leader John Hamm and Environment Critic Jim DeWolfe want the province to take immediate action on behalf of the residents of Frederick Street and do what is best for the people living in the neighbourhood.

Hamm was responding to a report released by the Sierra Club of Canada recommending the evacuation of area residents. "It's better to err on the side of caution over an issue with such enormous implications. The health and safety of these people cannot be compromised for any reason."

Wolfe said he hoped the Liberal government would not wait for more studies before taking action. "The conflicting conclusions of the Can Tox report and the report commissioned by the Sierra Club should not prevent government from acting in the best interests of the residents in the neighbourhood. There is an obvious problem that must be addressed."

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