'Proven' cleanup plan picked for tar ponds: MP

CBC - Nova Scotia
WebPosted May 10 2004 08:55 AM ADT

SYDNEY - The long-awaited cleanup of the tar ponds will involve different methods, a Cape Breton MP says. Federal and provincial negotiators reached a deal last week about the cleanup project. An announcement is expected Wednesday.

The tar ponds is considered one of Canada's most toxic sites Mark Eyking, member of Parliament for Sydney-Victoria, confirms the cleanup bill is about $400 million. The federal government is contributing about $280 million, with the province covering the rest.

Eyking won't reveal any details, but says negotiators opted for a combination of technologies to clean up the contaminated tar ponds and coke ovens sites. "It's proven technology," he says, "and we didn't go for the cheapest one."

Last year, a community group recommended two of the most expensive technologies. Washing the soil and burning it to produce energy is expected to cost about $450 million over seven years.