Firm will test Mercier toxic sludge

CBC Montreal
Sept. 16, 2003

Mike Woloschuk

MONTREAL - A company that is incinerating toxic sludge from Sydney, Nova Scotia says it is prepared to allow independent testing of the material at its site near Montreal.

The move follows pressure from concerned residents and the adoption last week of three resolutions by Mercier town council.

The incineration of the coal tar oil is part of a clean-up effort to decontaminate the Sydney Tar Ponds.

The council asked the firm last week to voluntarily stop destroying the sludge in order to allow a private firm to analyze it and the ash after incineration.

Guy Adam, vice president of Clean Harbors, said that the firm is ready to co-operate. However, Adam refused a request by the council to halt operations until the test results are known.

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