NS Liberal candidate suggests toxic material will be disposed of locally

Canadian Press
Fri., June 25, 2004

SYDNEY, N.S. (CP) - A Liberal candidate in the federal election is suggesting toxic material from the clean-up of the Sydney Coke ovens and tar ponds sites will be disposed of locally.

Rodger Cuzner, who is running for re-election in Cape Breton-Canso, told the Cape Breton radio program, Talkback, that it's unlikely the material will be sent off-island. He says the "sad truth" of the matter is that people from off the Island just aren't willing to take the waste from the toxic site.

Cuzner says the very best technology has to be employed in Cape Breton to ensure it poses no further harm to the community.

Some opponents of the latest clean up plan for the Tar Ponds have said that incinerating the waste locally could create more pollution and harmful health effects.