Lifetime project?

John J. Abbass,
Voice of the People - Halifax Herald
Fri., Mar. 4, 2005

In a letter to the editor over six years ago, at which time the Sydney tar ponds cleanup project had been ongoing for over 10 years, I wrote that it was long past time that the mess was cleaned up.

I said it was to our shame that we were allowing this foot-dragging to continue. In recent news stories, we are being told that it will take a few years more to decide on a start and the method to be used, and after that it will take another 10 years to complete the cleanup.

I think the government should listen to the many people who have suggested encapsulation, using the slag which scientific advocates say would neutralize any contaminant in the tar ponds.

I can understand why those in charge of this project are going with the latest proposals. As I suggested before, this has become a lifetime project, with unlimited employment for the few who are prolonging the process.

Cover it!

John J. Abbass