Ship out sludge

Agnes MacPherson
Voice of the People - Halifax Herald
Mon., Mar. 29, 2005

Rumours are widespread in Cape Breton that the tar ponds sludge is to be burned in a proposed incinerator location yet to be determined on the mainland of Nova Scotia.

Opposition has been widespread in Cape Breton to the incineration of PCB material because the location is close to Cape Breton University, the water supply of nearby towns and residential properties.

The existing incinerator located on the steel plant property has been found to be unsuitable to burn the sludge for the exact same reasons as noted above.

All PCB material that was recovered from the former steel plant in Sydney was put in sealed containers and shipped to Swan Hills Waste Treatment Centre in Alberta for disposal. Why not do likewise with PCB material from the tar ponds site?

Agnes MacPherson
Glace Bay