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Extracted from - Voice of the People (Letters)

Monumental day

It's been a priority for Cape Bretoners for almost a quarter-century and now, finally, a plan has been unveiled to clean up the Sydney tar ponds and coke ovens. May 12, 2004, will surely be recorded as a monumental day in the history of Cape Breton. An enormous burden has been lifted from our collective shoulders and a new chapter has opened in the life of our community. JCI: Cape Breton believes that the cleanup of the tar ponds and coke ovens sites is a significant and necessary process.

These projects will create much-needed employment opportunities, allowing our young residents to stay in Cape Breton, thus stemming the out-migration problem. Young Cape Bretoners are looking forward to contributing to the community, building valuable skills and creating a place that we can all take pride in.

Clever and resourceful as we are, do we have what it takes to capitalize on this juncture in our history? I would like to think that we do and, together, we can successfully redirect our energies, live up to the opportunities ahead and make the most of our resources.

To fulfil this goal, JCI: Cape Breton is eager to work with the community to ensure that the maximum health, social and economic benefits will be realized from the cleanup. We believe that this is Cape Breton's moment to demonstrate our potential and that, together, we can and will make a better future for generations to come.

Keith MacDonald, president, JCI: Cape Breton (formerly Metro Cape Breton Junior Chamber)