Wednesday, June 8, 2005 Link To Herald The Halifax Herald Limited

More join lawsuit against power utility

TRENTON (CP) - More residents of a Nova Scotia community have added their names to a lawsuit against the province's power utility.

Another 41 plaintiffs from the Trenton area have filed suit against Nova Scotia Power, bringing to 93 the total number of residents claiming damages arising from airborne emissions.

The suit alleges that NSP is not responsibly managing the fallout of ash and harmful agents from its Trenton power plant.

The plaintiffs claim that fly ash that regularly powders their properties is a direct result of activities from the coal-burning power station.

They claim NSP is responsible for an increased risk of illness. The lawsuit also claims the plaintiffs are living with fear and anxiety knowing dangerous toxins are in the air, and many claim they are forced to limit their time outdoors.

Nova Scotia Power has yet to file a defence statement.