Capping Solution Looks Best

Letter To The Editor - Steve MacKenzie
Cape Breton Post
Monday, April 22, 2003

Accepting the encouragement from Paul MacDougall and Michael P. Milburn in their article of April 12 (Weekend Feedback: Capping Makes Best Solution), I submit my considered agreement.

Having no technical expertness with remedial measures, I rely upon information I glean from people with knowledge and experience in such matters but who have no personal vested interest in a particular cleanup method.

I was very much impressed with a letter to the Post from William Buiten, Baddeck, a retired chemical engineer, early in July 2000 (Keep to Low-Tech Road for Tar Ponds, July. 4, 2000). I believe you would do everyone concerned a service if you would reprint that letter.

I agree with the many who feel uncomfortable with the digging, moving and burning methods.

Steve MacKenzie, Sydney