Sierra Club Doing Good Work

Letter To The Editor - Neila MacQueen
Cape Breton Post
Monday, April 22, 2003

I am proud to be a member of the Sierra Club. It has more than 700,000 members, inspired by nature, who work together to protect our communities and planet. The club is America's oldest (more than 100 years), largest and most influential grassroots environ mental organization. Formed in 1892 to protect the wilderness, Sierra Club believes we have only one earth, one chance.

The future of this planet depends on people making the right choices with the environment in mind so that governments and industries change their ways. Sierra Club acts on your behalf for all that is defenceless, voiceless and irreplaceable on this continent. The club's mission focuses on five overriding threats: loss of ani mal and plant species; deterioration of the oceans and atmosphere; the ever-growing presence of toxic chemicals in all living things; destruction of our remaining wilderness; and spiraling population growth and over-consumption.

We do not dwell on the past because the past did not bring us results on the tar ponds and coke ovens. Now we look forward to the future for a safe cleanup after a full panel public review under Section 28 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act so our children and animals will have a safe place to live. A petition for a safe cleanup of the tar ponds and coke ovens was pursued and more than 3,000 people signed it.

Knowing the Sierra Club is trying to help the people in Sydney gives me a secure feeling. Elizabeth May, executive director, is concerned with people's health. Thanks to her for her interest and time, to Dr. Tim Lambert for dust studies and to Bruno Marcochio, who every day untiringly works towards a safe environment.

Neila MacQueen
Dorchester Street, Sydney