Cleanup green light Cape Breton's moment to demonstrate potential

Stephen D. Tobin
Cape Breton Post
Tues., Jan. 30, 2007

JCI Cape Breton has been advocating for the advancement of the Sydney cleanup since our inception. As a collection of young professionals who have chosen to reside and develop careers in Cape Breton, we believe the project is of immense importance to the future of the area and represents an opportunity to open a new chapter in the life of the community.

As our organization told the joint panel review, Cape Breton has much to gain from the cleanup moving forward. A new community image, job creation, increased income levels, new business investment, and improved workforce capacity will be just some of the positive outcomes.

Of notable importance to our membership is the future use of the site. That will be the true legacy of the cleanup. We intend to play a lead role in the discussion of the future use of the site in the coming months.

We believe that this is Cape Breton's moment to demonstrate our potential and that together we can and will make a better future for generations to come.

Stephen D. Tobin
JCI Cape Breton chapter vice-president