Delays, cost, method all lead to skepticism

Letter to the Editor by L. Gary Globe
Cape Breton Post
Thurs., Feb. 1, 2007

Since I was in my early 50s until now, closing in on my 70s, I have heard the same promise: clean up Sydney's notorious tar ponds.

I believe the federal and Nova Scotia governments have broken their promises for 20 years to clean up the environment.

I wonder, like many others, where all the millions of dollars to clean up our environment have gone in the last 20 years. Is someone getting rich from this project or is it just another political football when elections are around the corner?

I can't imagine spending another $400 million to bury, not remove, this mess. It can't work; cement and sand will harden, not cement and sludge. It's a Band-Aid.

Sydney Tar Ponds Agency spokesman Parker Donham says further testing has to be done to find proper hardening agents more money wasted! Please get real.

L. Gary Globe