Please stop the incineration

Letter by Anne Ross
Cape Breton Post
Thurs, Feb. 10, 2005

After millions and millions of dollars wasted, federal and provincial governments agree again that it is time to clean up Canada's worst toxic site. This mess has been a cloud over our heads for a long time.

You would think, after years of fighting, the waste of millions of dollars and a paper trail bigger than the tar ponds themselves, that in the 20th century a wiser, more sophisticated method of cleanup would be used to rid our city of this monster.

Burn-and-bury has to be the cheapest method ever. It seems to me we are going back in time instead of forward.

I fear that dioxins and furans from the burning will be put into the air. How can we allow a mobile incinerator near the middle of our city? Where are the mayor, the councillors and the MLAs? Don't we all breathe the same air? Haven't we lost enough loved ones through cancers and unknown illnesses?

Who will benefit from the $400 million cleanup? I guarantee it will be the same people who went away with the last $100 million from a failed cleanup. Please stop incineration.

Ann Ross