Review panel the right choice

Letter by Ann Marie Ross
Cape Breton Post
Tues., May 3, 2005

I am so pleased with the announcement by federal Environment Minister Stephane Dion and Public Works Minister Scott Brison that the Sydney tar ponds cleanup plan will have a full panel review. Cheers to the Feds!

It is about time that the cries of the people in the Sydney area and all of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality were heard. We have suffered long enough with this monster. Let's get on now with a proper cleanup of the tar ponds and coke ovens site and move area residents out of harm's way. Let's say no to the cheapest method, incineration, before more harm is done.

A full panel review will take no longer than a comprehensive study, only this time there will be no more closed-door meetings. People will be heard and health and safety will be included, as Dion has stated.

Let's put Cape Breton on the map for all the right reasons and show the rest of Canada that we can do it right this time.

Ann Marie Ross
Laurier Street, Sydney