Postcard money could be better spent

Letter to the editor from Norma B. Nicholson
Cape Breton Post
Thursday, May 20, 2004

It boggled my mind when I received four large postcards from Sydney Tar Ponds Agency in the mail.

The cost of special paper and the processing of these could have gone towards relocating one of the families adjacent to the tar ponds. It is difficult for us seniors to absorb what those employed by the tar ponds agency are being paid for working on this project --- and still another study?

The money spent on the cards would have gone nicely to rectifying our water woes in Coxheath and surrounding communities. We've lived for years with heavy doses of chlorine to kill the bacteria.

I myself, living at Keltic Crescent seniors housing complex, have carried 2,385 gallons of water from relatives tested wells over years, each bottle weighing 10 pounds.

A green, bilious colour appears in the tub when the water comes in contact with a cake of soap or bubble bath; green rings on a daily are a challenge to erase. But, more important, we cannot drink or cook with this water.

Where are the priorities of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality? In this complex we sort, recycle and compost, and guess where these cards are winding up?

The newspaper does a sufficient job of keeping us up to date!

I am the Jolly Green Giant:

Norma B. Nicholson