Don't tell us again--Just do it

Letter to the editor from Philip Martin
Cape Breton Post
Thursday, May 29, 2004

We know! We know! We all know by now that both senior levels of government have promised $400 million for the tar ponds and coke ovens site cleanup.

Do we have to hear it again and again in radio ads and by postcards which come both in English and in French instead of one with both? Everything times two comes at an extra expense.

Why is this money being wasted to tell us something we already know? We don't really need to be told time and again that something needs to be done.

I opened my window to let some fresh air in, but as usual at this time of year I got the sweet odour of the ponds at their worst. I would like to know why tenders for the main cleanup are not being called until 2006 -- two years from now.

This project has been studied to death over the years. I don't think we need any more of that.

If governments are going to do it, do it already. We don't need any more ads, postcards or studies. It has to be done, so just do it. Get it over with -- please!

Philip Martin
Dorchester Street, Sydney