More tar ponds promises?

By Stephen Laskey
Cape Breton Post - Weekend Feedback
Saturday, June 5, 2004

Since my youth, the main thing I've heard in relation to Sydney was the tar ponds. Having never been there, I imagine a toxic, industrial town, much like my hometown of Saint John, only worse. I've been interested for many years and have listened to the controversy regarding the tar ponds clean up. Saint Much like the last federal election the Liberals promised they were coming up with a national shipbuilding policy.

Various high profile meetings in which they assured the people of Saint John that they would return to Ottawa and create a shipbuilding policy and get our shipbuilders back to work.

Nothing ever came of this, except a plan to give the Irvings millions just to change the use of the yard. Although, I'm sure that this attempt to get votes was successful, I was also very sure at the time that the priority of creating a national shipbuilding policy when elected would be very low and possibly never real at all.

Once elected, successive Liberal and Conservative governments are governed from the top down and prime ministers are found to have very different agendas from what their election platform and strategles are.

Election time is not no time to figure out that your party needs a policy for something or to be changing your priorities after being in power for the past 11 years.

It's obvious to me that promises of money and action from Paul Martin are only to nail down his victory. Canada needs something more than successive government's whose top priority is to get elected again when their term is up.

Stephen Laskey
Saint John, NB