Burn-and-bury the cheap way out

Letter to the editor from Anne Marie Ross
Cape Breton Post
Mon., Sept. 13, 2004

I am appalled by Parker Donham's comments (Sierra Club, Tar Ponds Agency Still at Odds Over Cleanup, Sept. 10).

We, the people, do want to have a safe and proven technology for a cleanup but not burn-and-bury. This is a method that has already been chosen by government, without the community's knowledge.

Burn-and-bury is the cheapest route. Once again lives would be at risk by burning this toxic mess.

Donham is the one who is out of touch with the community. We do not want to be exposed to the burning of PCBs and the cancer-causing agents that would be produced from burning.

We have buried enough community residents, young and old, who have died from various forms of cancer. Our cancer rates here are among the highest in Canada. I believe burning and burying will wipe out more people at a faster rate.

Donham and the government should listen to the residents' concerns and do a safe and proper cleanup without jeopardizing lives.

Anne Marie Ross