Next cleanup harder once tar ponds capped

Letter by J.G. Matheson
Cape Breton Post
Fri., Feb. 2, 2007

Placing a cap over the tar ponds is like putting a cap on your kid who comes home from school with head lice. You hide the product but the little buggers are still under that fancy hat just waiting to break out and contaminate the next victim.

Without positive and permanent steps to destroy the contaminant, it will turn up in generations to come, even after all the money and effort have been expended.

In 50 years or even less, residents will be fighting this same battle, except it will be complicated further by the concrete and compaction that are to be used to hide the toxic mess.

Incineration may not be acceptable to some sectors but it's effective and positive riddance to a nasty problem. J.G.

J.G. Matheson
Glace Bay