Tenders called for tar pond material processing facility

Cape Breton Post
Fri., Apr. 11, 2008

Sydney - The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has announced the tender for a material processing facility beside the north tar pond. The building, which will take about a year to complete, will be used to grade, sort and wash construction debris from the cleanup of contaminated sites.

"This is the first of 10 tenders we plan to announce over the next year and a half," said Frank Potter, president of the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency. "The agency and design engineer are working hard to meet this schedule. Although there are outside factors that can have an impact on some tendering dates, we are working diligently to finish this cleanup by our 2014 completion date."

After the material has been cleaned at the processing facility, it will be disposed of at an approved landfill, returned to the tar ponds for treatment, or recycled.

Along with processing material, the facility will have a contractor's compound to house trailers and heavy equipment. Workers will have access to shower facilities, office space, a lunchroom and a parking area.

The facility will also serve as a washing area for vehicles leaving the project area. "This will be a hub of activity during peak construction times and is designed to meet those demands," said Potter.

Most contract requirements are expected to be filled locally. The cost of construction is about $9 million.

A second tender will be issued to operate and maintain the facility, as well as decommissioning it when cleanup is complete.

The government of Canada and province of Nova Scotia signed a Final Cost-Share Agreement in 2004, committing to jointly participate in the cleanup of the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens sites. The agreement specifies that the sites be remediated over eight years, ending in 2014. The federal government agreed to contribute up to $280 million and the provincial government's contribution is $120 million.