All-Tech Environmental to monitor air quality during cleanup

Cape Breton Post
Thur., Apr. 19, 2007

SYDNEY - All-Tech Environmental will monitor air quality during the tar ponds and coke ovens cleanup. The company, which has a 15- year history of providing environmental services in Cape Breton, was the successful bidder for the contract.

All-Tech will be responsible for ambient air monitoring from the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency’s existing fixed monitoring stations; real time monitoring of air quality around the perimeter of the tar ponds and coke ovens during construction; review and evaluation of the data collected; preparing daily, monthly and annual reports on the data collected. The company will immediately notify the agency of any conditions which might be a health concern.

All-Tech will also be responsible for posting the results of its monitoring activity on the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency website, www.tarpondscleanup. ca, and for working with the agency to develop alternative options to improve its air monitoring program.

Terry Smith, general manager at All-Tech, said winning this contract will allow the company to expand its operations in Cape Breton. "We bring a qualified team to this project and will hire new staff to address increased field requirements," said Smith. "We will have 10 full-time employees working on this project, as well as future assignments throughout Cape Breton."

All-Tech will set up an office in the new Harbourside Commercial Park on the lands of the former Sysco steel plant.