Group agrees to press for cleanup

Cape Breton Post
Fri., Apr. 23, 2004

SYDNEY - federal and provincial elected representatives and members of the Metro Cape Breton Junior Chamber came away from a meeting agreeing to work together to press for the cleanup of the Muggah Creek watershed.

The group met in Sydney last weekend with MLAs Cecil Clarke, Dave Wilson, Gerald Sampson and Gordie Gosse, as well as MP Mark Eyking. "The project is so important to young people who have decided to live here and build their careers," said Keith MacDonald, junior chamber president. "It would be much easier once this problem is cleaned up."

They all indicated a cost-share agreement between the federal and provincial governments must be settled as quickly as possible, that the project should not be delayed by a protracted environmental assessment, that economic and social benefits for the local community be maximized, and that proven technologies be used to clean up contaminated sites.

Alastair MacLeod, past president of the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce, co-chaired the meeting. He noted the possibility of federal and provincial elections being called over the next few months leaves a cloud hanging over the project. "The community has worked too hard and does not want to risk that the ball will be dropped on this matter so close to the finish line," MacLeod said.

MacDonald said the junior chamber plans to continue to lobby for the cleanup and hold future meetings to discuss the plan.