Minister right to resist pressure against a panel

Letter by Natalya Staviss MacNeil
Cape Breton Post
Mon., May 16, 2005

I heartily commend federal Environment Minister Stephane Dion and his colleagues for making an intelligent and forward-looking decision for a full panel review of the Sydney tar ponds and coke ovens remediation plan.

This important decision lends credibility to the remediation process and assures us that insofar as we are dealing with scientific unknowns related to long-term health risks and other measurements of "success," at least we will be taking the most cautious and well-informed route possible.

Kudos to the government agencies, advisers and others involved who did not bend to any extreme of public or political pressure but maintained a well-informed and cautious approach, befitting federal government agencies. I hope they continue to wear their thinking caps.

Natalya Staviss MacNeil