Fiscal prudence lecture too hard to swallow

Letter to editor from Winston Magee
Cape Breton Post
Thursday, July 7, 2003

Reading the story about Parker Donham concerning the Sydney tar ponds cleanup in your paper on June 27 (Government Will Be Fiscally Responsible When Cleaning Toxic Sludge: Donham),I could see it was obviously designed to take the heat off from his embarassment over the "personal letter" he wrotes to MP Mark Eyking.

However he describes the letter, it shows us how he is thinking when it comes to cleaning up the tar ponds sludge.

He has the audacity to talk about the government being fiscally responsible. Who does he think he's fooling when daily we see governments wasting billions, not millions, on totally ridiculous projects? But I guess that as far as Mr. Donham is concerned money is being wasted only when it is spent on something that concerns everyone's health. The federal human resources fiasco with Jane Stewart and the harassing gun registry must be the sort of thing he means by governments being fiscally responsible.

Winston Magee
Louisbourg Highway