Declaration of clean air smells rather suspect

Letter to the editor from Carol Calder
Cape Breton Post
Wed., July 14, 2004

I have been following the editorial page for some time, and listening to the people living in Sydney's north end, where I also live. Parker Donham of the Sydney tar Ponds Agency can say whatever he wants, but he does not live in this area.

The fact is that with the fumes and stink, air quality in this area is terrible. I cannot open my windows; I cannot sit outside in the evening to get some fresh air because there isn't any.

I have been getting sick because of the stench here. And anyone living near the tar ponds would quickly agree with me.

I would move tomorrow if I could afford to, as I know many others would, but we are at the mercy of those who say the air quality is not bad here.

I cannot beleive that Donham made the statement that the air quality in Sydney is better than that of Halifax (Continuous monitors have limitations, Letters, July 10), and I cannot imagine it being printed in a newspaper. What does he have to back up that remark?

For the time being I will have to live in these conditions and remain sick in Sydney.

Carol Calder
Dorchester Street, Sydney