Cleanup report appears to confirm waste of time

Letter by John Abbass
Cape Breton Post
Mon., July 31, 2006

Well, well! After nearly 20 years and $100 million, the tar ponds cleanup review panel has agreed with John Abbass and many others that the tar ponds should be covered over (encapsulated).

Where are the loud protesters who held up the project for all that time? Where are the environmental people and the media whose support contributed to the debacle taking place today? What are they saying today about encapsulation?

Let us hear from the media and those critics who held up the project for nearly 20 years. All the while, the tar ponds could have been eliminated and the $400 million proposed for cleanup could have been used to get us more hospital services and many other projects that would make our area a happier and better place.


Editor's note: The federal-provincial review panel has given tentative approval to the plan to soldify and encapsulate the tar ponds, with incineration and possibly without, but with numerous provisos attached.