Parks promote physical activity

Letter to the editor from Albert (Lefty) Fraser
Cape Breton Post
Aug. 14, 2012

I can't understand how anyone could conceivably form the opinion expressed by Leonard MacNeil (Future looks grim for tar ponds park, Aug. 10, 2012). For years, I have enjoyed the majority of the letters to the editor. After all, when one begins to become silent about what truly matters, I believe that person slowly begins to die. But to suggest that parks in general are a waste of our tax dollars is totally ridiculous, and to single out Harbourside Park being created over the remediated tar ponds site is surely an insult to anyone who has participated in this historic, monumental project.

In our country, close to two out of every three people are obese. Respectfully, something must be done to address this issue, and any type of recreation facility is a step in the right direction. I suggest health-care professionals can no longer be afraid to hurt our feelings by saying that we should consider eating a few less cookies or consider taking a stroll. And at least some programs for our youth initiated by professionals would go a long way in increasing recreation.

I love what they did to Wentworth Park. It is truly beautiful. So is the new Harbourside Park. It makes me smile when I cruise past.

Albert (Lefty) Fraser