NSPI should state position on sludge

Letter to editor from Elaine Fraser
Cape Breton Post
Saturday, Aug. 30, 2003

Why is Nova Scotia Power Inc. (Emera) keeping such a low profile? Some weeks ago I talked to Margaret Murphy, public relations officer for Nova Scotia Power. I stated my concern again to her of the possibility that NSP would burn toxic sludge from the Sydney tar ponds.

Ms. Murphy assured me Nova Scotia Power was not approached to burn the sludge nor was it interested in doing so. I asked Ms. Murphy if the company would make a public statement, stating this fact. I explained to her it would mean a lot to the people of the surrounding communities of the Point Aconi generating plant if the company made such a statement.

I reminded her that Nova Scotia Power insists it wants to keep a good relationship with the community.

But Nova Scotia Power insists it has no intention of burning sludge, and so therefore it doesn't have to make a statement.

As long as the company refuses to make a statement, I and the community consider it a possibility that Nova Scotia Power will try to burn this sludge.

It leaves a real question in my mind. If it is not an issue for Nova Scotia Power, why then will NSPI not state its position publicly?

Elaine Fraser
Alder Point Road