Official Explanations avoid the obvious

Letter to editor from Mary Ruth MacLellan
Cape Breton Post
Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2003

Parker Donham concludes that because the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, he is confident that chemicals are not coming from the Sydney tar ponds and coke ovens site(Airborne chemicals Remain a Mystery, Sept. 12). How long are the people here going to sit back and allow our tax dollars to be gobbled up by people who have no concern for our human health?

I believe it is proven fact that chemicals from the coke ovens and tar ponds sites have migrated in all directions for many miles. I believe the government partners acknowledge this not only in reports but also in their haphazard cleanup or, remediation efforts, remediating properties on all sides of the site and some as far away as Catherine Street.

The facts speak for themselves, industrial chemicals were found in extremely high levels in many areas around the site.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that on hot summer days chemicals that are dormant in the ground will disperse or evaporate into the air and have many harmful effects on our planet, vegetation, animals and, more important, people-especially children. In addition, chemicals that migrate are spread many miles and in whatever direction the wind decides to take them.

As a lifelong resident of industrial Cape Breton I am fed up with airy-fairy political Klingons who are mystified when the problem hits them right in the face. Why is it that they are not so questioning when they get their paycheques? It's time someone burst their bubble.

Fortunately for Donham and his buddies, it won't be me for I am too busy caring for my family members who are suffering the ill effects of smoking these toxic fumes all their lives. No, it's not their lifestyles that gave them cancer; they are healthy" eaters, non-smokers and non- drinkers.

Wake up, people. How many more have to die for human health to be protected? Move the people now.

Mary Ruth Maclellan
Phalen Road, Glace Bay