Jobs filled at Tar Ponds Agency

By Chris Shannon
Cape Breton Post
Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005

SYDNEY - Some familiar faces are popping up at the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency as the Crown agency continues with the city's cleanup project.

Barb Baillie, former area manager at Nova Scotia's Department of Transportation, is the new director of engineering for the project. Baillie will oversee a $6.75 million annual budget and about 10 employees and contractors. She'll be accountable for the planning, design and execution of the comprehensive engineering construction project for the cleanup.

Frank Potter is the agency's new director of environmental services. He was the agency's director of operations and was once an engineer with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Potter will oversee a $3 million annual budget and about 10 employees and contractors. He'll develop and implement environmental management policies, principles and practices during the project.

Cory Stewart, the former chief financial officer at Schwartz Furniture, is the new director of corporate services. Stewart will oversee a $1.6 million annual budget and about two employees. He's accountable for the development of policies, procedures, systems and controls and will provide central support services and advice to management on all aspects of corporate services during the project.

And, Parker Donham, a communications consultant for the agency and a former journalist, is beefing up his role as the new director of community relations and communications at the agency. Donham will oversee a $1.5 million annual budget, plus about five staff. He'll provide necessary strategic resources to develop and maintain effective community, stakeholder, government and media relations by promoting and facilitating a cohesive understanding of the project and the agency's activities during the cleanup. The four director positions will continue during restoration and monitoring of the sites up to 25 years. The directors report to David Darrow, chief executive officer of the agency.