Workshop highlights cleanup opportunities

Cape Breton Post
Thurs., Nov. 2, 2006

MEMBERTOU - Having red tape unravelled for local businesses interested in tar ponds cleanup projects was the goal of a workshop here Tuesday.

"Being a Cape Breton company and Cape Breton-owned, hopefully we have a leg up on international oil and propane companies," said Al Pace, president of Sydco Fuels Ltd. and Scotia Propane. He plans to bid on tenders advertised during the $400-million cleanup, including the supply of propane, diesel fuel, lubricants, gasoline and heating fuel.

Pace was among nearly 100 attendees at the workshop organized by the Cape Breton Partnership. The partnership's aim is to give companies a better understanding of how they can fit into the project and provide procedures bidders can expect. Pace, who brought along a company sales manager and a general manager, said he learned that he'll have to do some homework before tenders get underway.

Bruce Meloney, the partnership's president, said presenters provided clear and simple descriptions of upcoming work and what will be required.