Work suspended on Domtar Tank removal

Cape Breton Post
Wed., Nov. 17, 2004

SYDNEY- The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has ordered work suspended on the Domtar tank removal project after naphthalene in excess of stringent site guidelines was detected downwind of the tank.

Early Tuesday, strong northerly winds prevented air quality technicians from maintaining negative pressure inside the building that encloses the tank. The agency's air monitoring contractors collected samples upwind and downwind of the site at 10 a.m.

The Environmental Services Laboratory in Sydney analysed the samples and reported results shortly before 4 p.m.

The upwind sample did not detect measurable naphthalene. The two downwind samples showed naphthalene at levels of 11.8 micrograms per metre cubed (ug/m3) and 8.8 ug/m3 at a distance of about 150 metres from the tank. The site guideline is 5.0 ug/m3.