Federal government continues to scrutinize tarponds project

Cape Breton Post
Tues., Dec. 12, 2006

SYDNEY - The tarponds project is getting the third degree from Ottawa through its audit and evaluation section at Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Department spokesperson France Langlois said the project will undergo three evaluations to ensure "transparency and efficiency."

The first is underway now with results to be made available on the departments website following the audit and evaluation committee meeting planned for Thursday. The second is also underway but isn't expected to conclude until February 2007.

Langlois said the evaluations are being done to ensure that government has timely, strategically focused, objective and evidence-based information on the performance of it's policies, programs and initiatives.

"Managers are accountable for the performance of policies, programs and initiatives to senior management, to ministers, to Parliament, and to Canadians," she said. "The evaluations are undertaken to respect the commitment made by (Public Works) right from the beginning of the project."