Tar Ponds Agency posts CB Post ad for Annual CLC Membership Rotation

Mon, Mar. 30 2009

The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency calls for expressions of interest for the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup Project Community Liaison Committee.

    Representation is needed within the following sectors:
  • a.. Community
  • b.. Environment
  • c.. Health
  • d.. Labour
  • e.. Service Club

Deadline for application is April 7th, 2009.

Contact Lorraine MacNeil at 567-1035, or Lorraine@tarpondscleanup.ca.

The CLC mandate and purpose is to ensure a healthy, two-way flow of information between the STPA and the constituent organizations represented on the CLC. It is not a decision-making forum. The CLC meets monthly at the STPA office located at 1 Inglis Street, Sydney, NS.