Background - Paul Connett, PhD

Paul was a full tenured chemistry professor at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, until his recent retirement in May, 2006.

Besides teaching, Dr. Connett has, for the past 20 years, given over 2000 pro-bono public presentations on incineration and waste management in 49 states in the US, 7 provinces in Canada and 46 other countries.

Paul has co-authored 6 peer reviewed and published papers on dioxin; co-edited the newsletter Waste Not; provided expert testimony in court cases; critiqued numerous health risk assessments and co-produced over 50 videos on waste issues, including a 10-part series on dioxin.

In recent years, he has researched the literature on fluoride’s toxicity and the fluoridation debate; interviewed many leading researchers and critics of fluoridation on video; given many presentations in several countries (to both community groups and public bodies, including the National Research Council and the US EPA); challenged leading proponents to debate the issue publicly (they nearly always decline).

Paul co-founded the Fluoride Action Network and distributed over 1000 bulletins on the effort to halt fluoridation worldwide.