Dr. G. Fred Lee Plays Valuable Role In Tar Ponds Panel Review

G. Fred Lee was contacted by Sierra Club and asked to address the issues involved with the use of solidification/stabilization in the cleanup plan proposed by Sydney Tar Ponds Agency.

Lee's thorough and uncompromising approach was, in Sierra Club's opinion, a critical factor in forcing the Panel to uncover the flaws in STPA's cleanup plan.

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Dr. Lee also suggests that we read issues that need to be considered in evaluating the potential impacts of landfills. Although the document was written for those concerned about Municipal Solid Waste landfills, it has some applicability to the proposed Sydney Tar Ponds Agency's capped waste pile.

It will soon be a year since the Panel proceedings first began, and G. Fred Lee continues to churn out reports and journal articles shedding new light on the complex issues involved in a proper cleanup of one of Canada's worst toxic waste sites.

We at Cape Breton Group continue to be grateful for his honesty, dedication, and great skill.

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