March 2, 1999 - For Immediate Release:

Sydney - The Sierra Club of Canada is pleased to announce that Clotilda Yakimchuk has been selected to serve at a senior level in the Sierra Club for both the United States and Canada. The Sierra Club is the world's oldest environmental organization, founded in 1892. The Sierra Club has national organizations in Canada and the United States, with a combined membership of 600,000 people.

Currently, the over-all conservation priorities are set through four Strategy Teams. With her appointment to the Environmental Quality Strategy Team, Clotilda Yakimchuk becomes the first Canadian to serve on a Club-wide Team. The Environmental Quality Strategy Team deals with air and water pollution, toxic chemicals and environmental justice (a term referring to the unequal exposure of minority and poor populations to toxic contamination).

Clotilda Yakimchuk's appointment was confirmed at a meeting of the Sierra Club Board of Directors in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA which took place between February 18-21, 1999. The Chair of the Environmental Quality Strategy Team, Ross Vincent, said, "We are very pleased to have Canadian participation in our priority-setting. Clotilda Yakimchuk brings a rich perspective and a strong background of knowledge on health and the environment. I can't think of a better choice!"

Mrs. Yakimchuk is recognized as a community leader for her work within the Registered Nurses' Association of Nova Scotia, including as president of that association, for better and more affordable housing, and for many civic enterprises in Sydney and Whitney Pier.

Most recently, she has been involved in the issues relating to the extensive toxic contamination of the . In 1997-1998, she was a participant in the Toxic Community Exchange project, sponsored by the Sierra Club of Canada, between Sydney, Nova Scotia and Fort Valley, Georgia, USA. She also addressed the annual meeting of the Environment Ministers of Canada, the United States and Mexico in June, 1998 in Merida, Mexico, through the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation. She is also a founding member of the Citizens Alliance for the Protection of the Environment in Sydney, a group working on critical environmental issues outside the mandate of the Joint Action Group. She and her husband, Dan Yakimchuk, are respected community leaders.

The Sierra Club in Canada and the United States is pleased and proud to announce the appointment of Mrs. Yakimchuk to such a senior position within Club governance.

For More Information Contact:

Elizabeth May: 613-241-4611

Ross Vincent: 719-561-3117

Clotilda Yakimchuk: 902-562-7280
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