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Final Panel Report (PDF: 2.9 Meg)
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Sierra Club Panel Experts

Missing from the above photo is Dr. G. Fred Lee

Dr. G. Fred Lee

G. Fred Lee was contacted by Sierra Club and asked to address the issues involved with the use of solidification/stabilization in the cleanup plan proposed by STPA.
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You may contact Dr. G. Fred Lee at:
G. Fred Lee & Associates
27298 East El Macero Drive
El Macero, CA 95618-1005
Tel (530) 753-9630 Fax (530) 753-9956

Dr. Tim Lambert

Dr. Tim Lambert has worked with the Sierra Club on the Tar Ponds cleanup file for quite some time. He was asked to address the impact of the proposed cleanup plan on human health.
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You may contact Dr. Lambert at:
Timothy W. Lambert PhD., MSc.
4th floor Centre 15 - 1509 Ctre St. SW
Calgary Alberta
T2G 2E6
Phone: 943-8048
Fax: 943-8056

Dr. Paul Connett

Dr. Paul Connett just retired from his tenured position as a chemistry professor at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. He has worked with the Sierra Club on the Tar Ponds cleanup twice before, and returned to Sydney once more to address the arguments against incineration from a chemist's perspective .
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You may contact Dr. Connett at:
Fluoride Action Network
PO Box 5111
Burlington VT 05402
Tel: 802-355-0999 | 315-379-9200
Fax: 484-918-1549
Web: The Fluoride Action Network -

Dr. Neil Carman

Dr. Neil Carman has a background in chemistry, molecular biology, and genetics, and is a former EPA (US) incinerator inspector. He has worked with the Sierra Club in the United States as well as here in Nova Scotia. Dr. Carman returned to Sydney to address the arguments against incineration from the perspective of a former incinerator inspector .
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Elizabeth May delivered Sierra Club's Opening Address to the Panel Elizabeth May is an environmentalist, writer, activist, and lawyer. She was Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada for 17 years, retiring recently to run for leadership of the Green Party. She is a member of the Board of the International Institute of Sustainable Development and is former vice-chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

In 1999, Dalhousie University created a permanent chair in her honour, the Elizabeth May Chair in Women’s Health & the
Environment. She has received numerous awards, including the United Nations Global 500 award and 2 honourary doctorates.
She is the author of four books. In 2005, Elizabeth May was honoured to be appointed as an Officer to the Order of Canada.

Elizabeth May has been relentlous in seeking justice and fair treatment for Sydney residents closest to the tar Ponds
and Coke Ovens.  We thank her for her courage and tenacity.

Visit her new website at