Muggah Creek Watershed

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PUBLICATION The Halifax Chronicle-Herald
DATE Sunday June 27, 1999
BYLINETera Camus

New JAG boss off to rocky beginning

Sydney - The Joint Action Group has a new chairman. Retired lieutenant-colonel Dan Fraser was elected from a field of three candidates during the group's annual general meeting on Saturday.

But his victory caused one member, Marc Ferris, to storm out, accusing JAG staff of deliberately stacking the deck by unfairly lobbying members to get him elected.

"Don't tell me the feds didn't bring you in here," Mr. Ferris shouted as he left.

Mr. Fraser, a member of JAG for only eight months, was featured in a newsletter mailed out by JAG's paid staff a week ago, though the 40- member group's public information committee did not approve. Mr. Ferris said such a move would be unfair to other candidates.

But Mr. Fraser, who defeated former vice-chairwoman Slawa Lamont and longtime member Doug MacKinlay, said he hopes to ease the tension among citizens, bureaucrats and organization members in order for JAG to help solve Sydney's toxic-waste problems.

"I hope so, because Marc and I have gotten along well throughout this process," he said.

"He offers a lot and does a lot of work . . . and I hope whatever it is that concerns him, he'll get over it fairly quickly. Then we can work together to make this happen . . . that is, clean up the Muggah Creek watershed. That's what it's all about."

Other newly elected executive members include vice-chairwoman Gerardette Brown, secretary Barb Lewis and treasurer Terry Mulcahy.

The six members appointed to the decision-making steering committee are Glen Hanham, Mary Ruth MacLellan, Asta Antoff, Bob Morgan, Harry Muldoon and Susan Miayo.

Mr. Fraser, who retired last year after 35 years of service at Maritime Command, hopes to continue where departing chairman Bucky Buchanan left off.

"I would like to see more people out, more people involved," he said. "What we hope to do . . . is advise the people in the local area just exactly what is going on so they will understand the difficulties associated with the cleanup. Hopefully once they understand, then we can get on with the cleanup.

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