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Media Articles - 2003

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2003 Articles/Issues

Blasting of coastal C.B. through yuletide season unbearably cruel (Herald: Dec. 30)
Sydney groups fear tar ponds on backburner (Herald: Dec. 23)
MP expects projects to go ahead (CB Post: Dec. 18)
Seismic Ostriches - Letter by Brian Peters (Halifax Herald: Dec. 15)
Proposed changes to NS's Environmental Assessment Regulations (CB Post - Dec. 13)
Fishermen Hold Protest To Stop Seismic Testing (CB Post - Front Page: Dec. 13)
Mi'kmaq Elder Opposes Seismic Testing (CB Post - Front Page: Dec. 11)
Prov.& Fed. governments prepare to environmentally assess toxic sites (CB Post: Dec. 11)
Regulator turns deaf ear to ocean munitions (Letter to CB Post: Dec. 6)
Residents file another Sydney Steel lawsuit (Tera Camus - Herald: Dec. 3)
Sludge city - Sydney gunk to be incinerated south of Montreal (Mirror: Nov. 27 - Dec. 3)
Doctors oppose waste incinerator (Belledune, NB - Telegraph-Journal: Dec. 1)
Sacrifice Zones Are Not Acceptable (Bruno Marcocchio)

Bennett acquires a license from Eco Logic for GPCR technology (Nov. 26)
Call for applications for new Community Liaison Group (CB Post: Nov. 22)
Clarke reckless in promoting seismic work (Letter to CB Post: Nov. 15)
Quebec Mi'kmaq raise stakes in incinerator fight (Broadcast News: Nov. 12)
Fishermen Call For Seismic Moratorium (Press Release- Nov. 6)
Lawyer says pollution taxes would enforce polluter-pay principle (Globe and Mail: Nov. 5)
Memo warns against hazardous-waste project (Canadian Press: Nov. 2)

MP tries to get details from minister about tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Oct. 31)
Hospital repairs blamed for baby's high lead levels (John Gillis - Herald: Oct. 31)
Supreme Court "Polluters Will Pay" decision makes CB Post front page headline(Oct. 31)
Those responsible for pollution will pay, says Supreme Court(Canadian Press: Oct. 30)
Aggressive cleanup needed on waste sites (Letter to CB Post: Oct. 29)
Elizabeth May's writes Health Minister McLellan re Health Risk Assessment issues(Oct. 27)
Coal tar considered waste since 1997 (CB Post: Oct. 28)
Agency Works Odd Miracle-transforms useable fuel into hazardous waste(Post:Oct. 24)
Ontario refinery wanted Domtar coal tar oil (CB Post: Oct. 24)
Test Belledune soil for heavy metals: expert (CBC Bathurst: Oct. 24)
Coal-tar oil could have been used (Montreal Gazette: Oct. 23)
Priority put on waste (The Observer: Oct. 18)
Compensation to be discussed - Membertou (CB Post: Oct. 16)
Bennett eyes tar ponds toxic soup (CBC Bathurst: Oct. 16)
Treating acute and/or chronic metal toxicity (Letter to CB Post: Oct. 11)
Contaminated equipment blamed for toluene readings in Sydney (Letter to CB Post: Oct. 11)
Unexpected junk slowing down cleanup of Domtar tank (CB Post - Oct. 8)
Air monitoring at sites now responsibility of Environment Canada (CB Post - Oct. 7)
Protests planned for Inco sites world wide (Canadian Press: Oct. 6)
Incinerator protest blocks N.B. highway (Broadcast News: Oct. 6)
JAG blamed for too much and credited with too little (Letter to CB Post: Oct. 4)
Made in Sydney standards ignore CCME guidelines(Maritimes Indymedia: Oct.1)

JAG demise not a million too soon (Op. Ed. to CB Post: Sept. 27)
Tar ponds cleanup: public scrutiny vital (Bruno Marcocchio - Herald: Sept. 26)
Sewage stink coming from Sydney Tar Ponds (CB Post - Sept. 25)
Frank Potter of STPA discusses Pt. Aconi Plant (CBC Information Morning - Sept. 25)
Get Specifics On Air Issues (CB Post Editorial - Sept. 25)
Lingan Plant Province's Top Polluter (CB Post - Sept. 24)
City of Moncton fined $35,000 for polluting the Petitcodiac River (CBC Moncton: Sept. 23)
If you can smell it, it's in the air (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 20)
Evasive explanations of toluene laughable, if not chilling (CB Post - Sept. 20)
Toluene source identified - cannisters to blame for high readings (CB Post - Sept. 20)
Extreme toluene levels recorded in Sydney (Tera Camus - Herald: Sept. 19)
Toluene problem taken too lightly (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 18)
JAG Successor Well Leashed (CB Post Editorial - Sept. 18)
Information Morning discusses last JAG meeting; Kane, Hanam,& Potter featured(Sept. 18)
Jag Members To Watch Over Cleanup (CB Post - Sept. 18)
Premier Lord won't meet incinerator foes (Globe and Mail: Sept. 18)
Government agency will replace JAG (CB Post - Sept. 17)
Northside residents reject burning Sydney's toxic sludge in NSP plant (CB Post - Sept. 17)
Quebec residents pan toxin burning (Tera Camus - Herald: Sept. 17)
Official explanations avoid the obvious (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 16)
Firm will test Mercier toxic sludge (CBC Montreal: Sept. 16)
Tampering possible cause of toxic readings in Nova Scotia city (Canadian Press: Sept. 13)
Airborne chemical remains a mystery (CB Post - Sept. 12)
Liberals slam Eves re Ontario accepting toxic waste (Canada NewsWire: Sept. 3)
Mercier coalition asks Charest to investigate (Le Soleil de Châteauguay - Sept. 3)

Mercier troops mobilize against incinerator (Le Soleil de Châteauguay - Aug. 30)
Another 80 people to join lawsuit (CB Post - Front page: Aug. 30)
NSPI should state position on sludge (Letter to CB Post: Aug. 30)
Northern N.B. too polluted for incinerator, group warns (Herald: Aug. 29)
No corners cut at Steel Plant site, engineer says (Herald: Aug. 29)
Another community group may take over JAG (CB Post: Aug. 28)
Coke Ovens coal tar oil either hazardous or not (Letter to CB Post: Aug. 27)
Mercier residents fear Domtar waste only tip of the iceberg (Le Soleil - Aug. 23)
Worker says Sysco testing tainted(Herald: Aug. 22)
Economy, environment linked - Robert Kennedy Jr.(Herald: Aug. 18)
Berries from Blueberry Hill safe, say health officials (CB Post: Aug. 16)
Former Frederick Street resident begins legal action (CB Post: Aug. 14)
Martin mum on coal profits (Herald: Aug. 14)
Domtar waste hits the road (CBC - WebPosted Aug 13)
Meeting tonight on JAG changes (Herald: Aug. 13)
Martin's ships blamed for dirty homes (Herald: Aug. 11)
Love canal thrives 25 years later (CB Post Aug. 8)
Tar ponds study scrapped - McMaster researcher says "It's very strange"(Herald: Aug. 4)
Health Canada halts birth study (CB Post: Aug. 1)

N.S. needs environmentally friendly government (Herald: July 31)
Coffer dam to be repaired (CB Post: July 30)
JAG successor considered (CB Post: July 30)
Legal Test Comes At Last (Editorial- CB Post: July 26)
Grades handed out by environmental group (CB Post: July 22)
Residents prepared to fight against burning of sludge (CB Post: July 18)
Coal announcement 'sadistic joke,' environmentalist says (Herald: July 18)
Toxic neighbourhood's residents to launch suit against province(CB Post: July 17)
Sydney residents ready to file huge pollution lawsuit (Herald: July 15)
The Morgan letters: CBRM mayor speaks out on JAG - JAG replies
Coke ovens site will soon have new look (CB Post: July 8)
Just say no to burning sludge at Point Aconi (Letter to CB Post: July 8)
Fiscal prudence lecture too hard to swallow (Letter to CB Post: July 7)
Birth study in jeopardy (CB Post: July 7)
JAG finished meetings with Boularderie Island residents re Power Plant (Herald: July 7)
Concerts to rally support against oil and gas exploration (Music - CB Post: July 3)
Dissension a sign of failed process on the cleanup (Letter to CB Post: July 3)

Yang needed after the Yin (Editorial- CB Post: June 28)
Don't bring poisons to Point Aconi (Letter to CB Post: June 28)
Hankard St. families still waiting for gov. to remediate properties (CB Post: June 28)
Residents fear studies flawed (Herald: June 28)
Gov. will be fiscally responsible when cleaning toxic sludge: Donham (CB Post: June 27)
View the actual documents: Parker Donham's leaked note and Fraser's response
JAG inept at community relations work: memo (CB Post: June 26)
Sierra Club gives N.S. failing grades (Herald: June 26)
Residents don't want tar ponds materials burned at power plant (CB Post: June 24)
Steamlined form of JAG a possibility - Severance packages discussed (CB Post: June 23)
One life cut short in a toxic hot spot (Toronto Star: June 21)
A city's toxic legacy (Toronto Star: June 21)
Residents near power plant invited to workshops (CB Post: June 21)
On site incinerator unacceptable for cleanup (Letter to CB Post: June 21)
Aspects of JAG worth saving (Editorial- CB Post: June 21)
JAG's knowledge mustn't go to waste (Letter to CB Post: June 21)
JAG to reopen talks on toxic cleanup (Herald: June 20)
Possible severance packages for JAG staff detailed (CB Post: June 19)
Membertou says toxic waste hurt fishing, wants compensation (CB Post: June 17)
Convincing communities to deal with tar ponds sludge may be difficult (CB Post: June 13)
Government sends JAG mixed message (CB Post: June 10)
MP wants public involved in cleanup (CB Post: June 9)
Governments pull plug on JAG funding (Herald: June 7)
Whitney Pier residents get chance to hear legal options (CB Post: June 5)
Council going in-camera to discuss JAG (CB Post: June 4)
All cleanup solutions should be rejected (Letter to CB Post: June 4)
Don't let JAG die, says Chair (CB Post: June 4)
Only Full Panel Review can deliver promised cleanup transparency (CB Post: June 2)

JAG's chair says it will still have a role to play (Herald: May 30)
Second Whitney Pier family suing over tar ponds cleanup (Herald: May 29)
JAG approves motion - Cleanup Proposal In Government Hands (CB Post: May 29)
Toxic site meeting set for June 4 (CB Post: May 26)
Sysco's poisonous legacy still with us (Letter to CB Post: May 22)
Liberal Mp takes cleanup of tar ponds personally (CB Post: May 22)
Lawyer says Sysco suit is the tip of the iceberg (Daily News: May 20)
Program sought to protect tar ponds property owners (CB Post: May 16)
Burning toxic waste at Point Aconi raises concerns (CB Post: May 15)
Amended ROWG motion moves to Roundtable meeting on May 28th
Membertou wants say in cleanup (CB Post: May 15)
ROWG selects options three and four for Tar Ponds, Coke Ovens (CB Post: May 12)
ROWG motion endorsing preferred options moves to Steering meeting on May 14th
Booklet results: Destroy tar ponds toxins, residents tell province (Herald: May 7)
Local resident uncovers medical waste in ash pile of CBRM Incinerator (May 6)
Sierra Club Presents Petitions To Mark Eyking Requesting Full Panel Review (May 2)

Dust Study Challenges Key Claims On Environmental Safety (Letter to CB Post: April 26)
Sierra Club Doing Good Work (Letter to CB Post: April 22)
Incinerator Options Criticized By Two Local Residents (CB Post: April 22)
Capping Solution Looks Best (Letter to CB Post: April 22)
Walter van Veen of CRA Answers Questions About SYSCO Property (CB Post: April 19)
Sydney resident Christiane Tanner calls for Full Panel Review (CB Post: April 16)
CBRM's Deputy Mayor speaks in favor of filling out Workbooks (CB Post: April 16)
Capping makes best solution - Weekend Feedback (CB Post: April 12)
SYSCO Land Separate Cleanup Issue (CB Post: Apr. 9 - Front Pg)
Study On Household Dust Adds Nothing To Relocation Cause(CB Post Editorial: April 9)
Elevated Lead And Arsenic Concentrations Found In Residential Soil - Dr. T. Lambert
Dan McMullin responds to Hanam's Criticism of Sierra and Eco Logic (CB Post: April 5)
Paul Moore of Health Canada says- Toxic soil boundaries expanded (CB Post: April 5)
Eco Logic's Beth Kummling writes to JAG explaining GPCR process (April 3)

Neila Dealt With On Remediation - But Shabbily (CB Post: Mar.29)
JAG's Hanam slams Sierra Club and Hydrogen Reduction (CB Post: Mar.29)
Residents Launch Lawsuit (Tanya Collier - CB Post: Mar.28)
JAG Future Up In The Air (Tera Camus - Herald: Mar.28)
Death rates higher in Pier (Tera Camus - Herald: Mar.26)
Band Mortality Study - One Man's Opinion - Mar. 26
Sierra Club Presents Petitions Requesting Full Panel Review(Press Release-Mar. 18)
Sierra Club of Canada rejects JAG clean up options (Press Release-Mar. 5)
Sierra Club Critiques Remediation Options One By One

Email from Eco Logic Re Questions on costing and timelines(Mar. 3, 2003)
Email to Dan McMullin from Beth Kummling of Eco Logic (Feb. 26, 2003)

Sydney death rate far above average(Can. Press: Sep. 24, 1998)

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