Sydney Tar Ponds
tar ponds/coke ovens

It is now 2019. The cleanup has been completed and the Tar Ponds site,
open to the public since 2013, now houses a playground, walking track,
sports field, outdoor concert stage and many other features. Some
residents however still feel that the encapsulated toxins still lurk a few
feet down and may someday emerge as they did in the infamous
Love Canal in NY State near Niagara Falls in the late 1970s. On Sept 12 2014, Aerosmith played at Open Hearth Park and some patrons paid money to camp at the former Coke Ovens site - how quickly we forget!

Excellent Summary Article published in 2001
Final Summary Report issued in 2014 (46 page PDF)
Current and past Media Articles

Michelle Moore of interviews Debbie Ouellette


Sydney woman takes on two levels of government and wins (CB Post: Dec 20/18)


Sydney woman scores partial win for compensation (CB Post: Apr 22/16)


Sydney woman pursuing tar ponds lawsuit (CB Post: Sep 18/15)
Tar ponds legal battle comes to an end (CB Post: Aug 27/15)


Nameless road could have future (Herald: June 13/14)
New Bike Lane for Sydney (Herald: June 12/14)


Bike park remembers work of Sydney brothers (CB Post: Nov 22/13)
Tar ponds agency not concerned about LaPierre (CB Post: Sep 27/13)
Transport Canada investigating scientist who worked on tar ponds (CB Post: Sep 27/13)
Tar Ponds Panel - Louis LaPierre's credentials face scrutiny (CBC: Sept. 6/13)
Stronger than Steel celebration begins (CB Post: Aug. 30/13)
Remediated Sydney tar ponds unveiled as green space (CBC: Aug 30/13)
Open Hearth Park new name for remediated tar ponds site (CB Post: June 14/13)
Info between Cape Bretoners and Chilean mining delegation (CB Post: June 4/13)


Parks promote physical activity (CB Post: Aug. 14/12)
Bridge over former Sydney Tar Ponds opens (CBC: Aug. 11/12)
Future looks grim for tar ponds park (CB Post: Aug. 10/12)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency looking for green space bidders (CBC: Jul. 27/12)
Park tender issued for Sydney tar ponds site (Herald: July 23/12)
Project continues to transform Sydney tar ponds (Herald: June 4/12)
Revitalization gives NS community new lease on life (Toronto Star: Apr. 29/12)
Tar ponds cleanup winding down (CB Post: Apr. 10/12)
Cape Bretoners playing big part in tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Mar. 22/12)
Former tar ponds site offers exciting opportunities (CB Post: Feb. 25/12)
Who's going to maintain it? (CB Post: Feb. 16/12)
Consultants present visions for tar ponds site (CB Post: Feb. 15/12)


Consultant calls for oval twin on tar ponds site (CB Post: Dec. 22/11)
Envir. Dep. still investigating report waste water dumped in harbour (CB Post: Dec. 2/11)

Sydney Tar Ponds to get a facelift (The Star: Nov. 24/11)
Its going to be a jewel in the centre of CBRM (CB Post: Nov. 23/11)

Work on north pond nearing completion (CB Post: Oct. 24/11)

Cleanup officials confident contaminants being contained (CB Post: Aug. 12/11)

N.S. court OKs tar ponds class action (Halifax Herald: July 7/11)
Watch CBC Newscast - Includes Interview with North End resident Neila MacQueen (7 minutes in)

Sydney tar ponds cleanup 'possibly not' a health risk (CTV: June 29/11)
Tar ponds cleanup continues to be successfully regulated (CB Post: June 29/11)
Two new aboriginal projects ready to go at tar ponds (CB Post: June 20/11)

With south pond now complete, project reaches another milestone(CB Post: May 27/11)

Environment Dept. investigating claim tar ponds wastewater was dumped (CB Post: Feb. 17/11)


Unionized workers disrupt work at tar ponds site (CB Post: Dec.20/10)

Tar ponds project will bring traffic to Frenchvale (CB Post: Nov. 10/10)

Contract for One of Last Steps in Tar Ponds Cleanup Announced (CB Post: Oct. 25/10)
Unbearable stink from cleanup site (CB Post: Oct. 19/10)
Copy of tar ponds cleanup figures sent to resident after two years (CB Post: Oct. 11/10)

Tar ponds work should be done under cover(CB Post: Sept. 27/10)
Respiratory ailments seem linked to tar ponds (CB Post: Sept. 3/10)

Deadline extended on tenders for tar ponds surface cap(CB Post: Aug. 12/10)
It's really noxioux chemical vapours(CB Post: Aug. 06/10)
Cleanup agency has responded to complaints(CB Post: Aug. 06/10)

First pond grass promised soon(CB Post: July 23/10)
Tar ponds remediation moving to next phase with tender call(CB Post: July 20/10)
First & likely smelliest phase of ponds project nears completion (CB Post: July 9/10)
Change in wind the only help on offer ... (CB Post: July 5/10)

Plaintiff pleased tar ponds lawsuit moving forward (CB Post: Jun. 25/10)
Sysco lawsuit gains credibility (CB Post: Jun. 25/10)
Agency ordered to better manage odours emitting from tar ponds (CB Post: Jun. 24/10)
Proponents of tar ponds class-action lawsuit win partial victory (CB Post: Jun. 24/10)
Hearing on tar ponds class-action lawsuit underway (CB Post: Jun. 21/10)
Cleanup staff attitude drives people away (CB Post: Jun. 4/10)

Tar ponds odour problem can't be blown off (CB Post: May 21/10)
Second mystery handout uses correct number (CB Post: May 20/10)
Mystery handout features right name, wrong number (CB Post: May 17/10)
A vision for trails at site of tar ponds (Halifax Herald: May 8/10)
Sewage-laden gunk raises stink in Sydney (Halifax Herald: May 6/10)

Tar ponds cleanup back on schedule (Halifax Herald: Apr. 29/10)
Status of tar ponds suit to be decided (CB Post: Apr. 7/10)

Sydney tar ponds could become bike school (CBC: Mar. 29/10)
Cleanups expected to leave lasting legacy (3 of 3 parts) (CB Post: Mar. 19/10)
Cleanups good for Cape Breton economy (2 of 3 parts) (CB Post: Mar. 18/10)
Coming Clean (1 of 3 parts) (CB Post: Mar. 17/10)
Tar ponds cleanup contracts awarded (Halifax Herald: Mar. 9/10)

First Nation communities want to study economic opportunities (CB Post: Feb. 8/10)

Victory doubtful looking back 12 years at Frederick Street (CB Post: Jan. 21/10)
Community groups benefit from tar ponds cleanup programs (CB Post: Jan. 13/10)


Tar ponds contract behind schedule (CB Post: Dec. 9/09)

Time from data gathering to action needs to be sharply reduced (CB Post: Nov. 28/09)
Tar pond emissions a health hazard (CB Post: Nov. 21/09)
Important step in tar ponds cleanup officially begins (CB Post: Nov. 20/09)
Tar ponds project still plagued by slow and inadequate communications (CB Post: Nov. 6/09)

Plans being laid for future use of tar ponds sites (CB Post: Oct. 24/09)
It's time for the NDP to show its difference on openness to public (CB Post: Oct. 23/09)
Cleanup to begin shortly despite possible flaw in water diversion design ( Oct. 8/09)
Tar ponds by the numbers (CB Post: Oct. 10/09)
Tar ponds almost ready for the big cleanup job (CB Post: Oct. 8/09)
Residents say tar ponds meetings aren't conducive to public input (CB Post: Oct. 8/09)

Work halted at former steel plant site (CB Post: Sept. 25/09)
Smell in Whitney Pier traced to cleanup of former Sysco site (CB Post: Sept. 24/09)
Aboriginal company awarded contract for material processing facility(CB Post: Sept. 23/09)
Pollution hazard underplayed (CB Post: Sept. 14/09)
Sydney Tar Ponds Coffer Dam and Wash Brook flooding issues ( Sept. 3/09)
The Pitfalls of the Tar Ponds Cleanup (Blog Entry by Justin Ling: Sept. 1/09)
Cleanup protective measures still insufficient (CB Post: Sept. 1/09)

Tar ponds agency answers 49 questions posed by Sydney residents (CB Post: Aug. 29/09)
Monitors don't show what the nose knows (CB Post: Aug. 17/09)
Residents upset proposed meeting on tar ponds cancelled (CB Post: Aug. 13/09)
Residents stood-up by Agency official - Aug. 11/2009
Mi'kmaq students building expertise in environmental industry (CB Post: Aug. 11/09)

Some thoughts on shoplifting, future use of the tar ponds...(CB Post: July 25/09)
Firms to build tar ponds water treatment plant (Halifax Herald: July 24/09)
Contract worth $15M awarded for coke ovens cleanup (CB Post: July 24/09)
Northern aboriginal groups seek help from Unama'ki... (CB Post: July 15/09)
Progress report doesn't sound right (CB Post: July 6/09)
Cement-based plan to solidify tar ponds won't work (CB Post: July 3/09)
Parkgoers near Sydney tar ponds warned of potential health risks(CBC: July 3/09)
Real 'cleanup' begins at last(CB Post: July 2/09)

No proof tar ponds plan works, Greens say (Halifax Herald: June 30/09)
Local employment benefit not apparent at cleanup site(CB Post: June 29/09)
Cape Breton company part of $52M tar ponds contract (CB Post: June 27/09)
Activity not likely to abate as tar ponds cleanup ramps up (CB Post: June 24/09)
Lawyer: Raitt should back C.B.ers' restitution claims (Halifax Herald: June 17/09)

Man suffers minor injuries after work site accident (CB Post: May 16/09)
Warning sounded at Curry's Lane air monitoring station (CB Post: May 16/09)
Community Open Houses - Sydney Tar Ponds Flow-Diversion Project(CB Post: May 11/09)
JAG rep (Francis Sirois) quits tar ponds liaison group (CB Post: May 2/09)

DOE gets passing grade on tar ponds regulation (CB Post: Apr. 23/09)
Aboriginal cleanup contracts celebrated with new video (CB Post: Apr. 22/09)

Tar Ponds Agency Post ad for CLC membership (Mar. 30/09)
Membertou Company Lands Tar Ponds Contract (CB Post: Mar. 9/09)
Port-to-port study earns national award (CB Post: Mar. 7/09)

Monthly Tar Ponds Reports Must Be Regularly Made Public - Gosse (NDP Caucus: Feb. 26/09)
Who's reponsible for tar ponds mistakes if not engineers, experts? (CB Post: Feb. 21/09)
NDP pushes for information on tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Feb. 5/09)
Extreme, costly measures to clean up tar ponds not necessary (CB Post: Feb. 4/09)

Companies competing for largest contract of tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Jan.21/09)
Harbour mess 'ignored' (London Free Press: Jan.7/09)


Finally it's time for the tar ponds (CB Post: Dec.27/08)
Tar ponds agency seeks bids for $50M remediation project (CB Post: Dec.19/08)

Local Tradespeople halt work at tar ponds site (CB Post: Nov.19/08)
Minister presumes too much to say people happy (CB Post: Nov.10/08)
Province dropped cleanup ball (CB Post: Nov.8/08)
Ponds costs worry MLA - minister says project won't go over budget (Halifax Herald: Nov. 7/08)
Gosse calls STPA 'a mess'- Review reveals dysfunction (CB Post: Nov.7/08)

Concerned resident says tar ponds recipes weren't tested (CB Post: Oct.20/08)
Tender call issued for pumping system (CB Post: Oct.15/08)

Field testing to begin on containing tar ponds (CB Post: Sep.6/08)

No one sure why cap at tar ponds cooling pond site is sinking (Halifax Herald: Aug.26/08)
Health authority defends its right to comment on future of tar ponds site (CB Post: Aug.26/08)
Areas on tar ponds site sinking (CB Post: Aug.25/08)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has a new president (CB Post: Aug.23/08)
Parliamentarians to visit tar ponds, report on remediation expected (CB Post: Aug.15/08)
Contract awarded to Hazco Environmental for tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Aug.13/08)
Missing tar ponds data now available, according to agency president (CB Post: Aug.7/08)
Report: Tar Ponds cleanup working (Halifax Herald: Aug.7/08)
Info on cleanup not readily available; freedom of information request filed (CB Post: Aug.6/08)

Steelworker put 'his life on the line' to clean up Tar Ponds (Globe & Mail: July 25/08)
Sobeys manager mum - environmental service trucks at store (CB Post: July 22/08)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency bars Sierra Club from committee (Can. Press: July 3/08)

A history of pollution: Sydney tree rings contain metals from tar ponds (Herald: June 28/08)
Sierra Club rep looking for spot on tar ponds (CB Post: June 26/08)
CBU?s $20-million research centre to take advantage of cleanup (CB Post: June 26/08)
Tar ponds critic: They meant to leave us out (Halifax Herald: June 25/08)
Tar ponds activist DeLeski dies in hospital at age 62 (Halifax Herald: June 3/08)

Tar ponds cleanup moves closer to solidification, stabilization (CB Post: May 16/08)
Money would be better spent going directly to help the region (CB Post: May 14/08)
Changes in way tenders assessed prompts Friday meeting at MTCC (CB Post: May 10/08)

Unama?ki construction companies praised for work on cooling pond (CB Post: Apr. 29/08)
Tenders called for tar pond material processing facility (CB Post: Apr. 11/08)
Work at cooling pond winding down; dealing with dust (CB Post: Apr. 05/08)

Board will monitor Environment Department on tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Mar. 8/08)

Cleanup ... more than $100M in contracts to be awarded this year (CB Post: Feb. 22/08)
Steam will soon be rising from tar ponds site: (CB Post: Feb. 22/08)
Woman's civil suit against steel plant stands alone - for now: judge (CB Post: Feb. 1/08)


Wanted: Real cleanup, not a coverup for tar ponds (Herald: Dec. 18/07)
Public learns about cooling pond project (CB Post: Dec. 11/07)

Public questions fence covering tar ponds cleanup (Herald: Nov. 29/07)
Tar ponds cleanup plan undergoes some minor revisions (CB Post: Nov. 28/07)

Test Flin Flon citizens for toxins: MD (Winnipeg Free Press: Oct. 29/07)
Review, studies confirm contamination goes beyond tar ponds: Sierra Club (CB Post: Oct. 25/07)
Cleanup on agenda of session with local African NS community (CB Post: Oct. 22/07)

First Nations eye tar ponds business (CB Post: Aug. 31/07)
Tar ponds agency seeks aboriginal contractors (Herald: Aug. 18/07)
Public invited to participate in online conference today (CB Post: Aug. 15/07)
HazMat Magazine: Understanding the new stabilization plan (Summer/07)

Historical societies plan fund to revive tar ponds neighbourhoods (CB Post: July 19/07)
Tour bus makes stop at tar ponds (CB Post: July 05/07)

Unama?ki tar ponds steering committee tours site (CB Post: June 22/07)
Health of fish will be used to determine condition of Sydney tar ponds (CB Post: June 12/07)
Post reporter moving on to tar ponds agency (CB Post: June 09/07)

Unemployed tradesmen want jobs cleaning up Sydney tar ponds (CB Post: May 24/07 )
Local students to compete against Canada?s best at national science fair (CB Post: May 10/07 )

Tar ponds agency, Chesal part company (CB Post: Apr. 27/07 )
Governments plowing ahead with ?cleanup?that will have to be done again (CB Post: Apr. 20/07 )
All-Tech Environmental to monitor air quality during cleanup (CB Post: Apr. 19/07 )
First Nation businesses given more time to work on strategy (CB Post: Apr. 16/07 )
Committee discusses tar ponds projects (CB Post: Apr. 13/07)
Gosse wants ongoing health monitoring (Herald: Apr. 9/07)

Tar ponds meetings continue this week (CB Post: Mar. 28/07)
Company didn't have to warn residents: Appeal Court (CB Post: Mar. 28/07)
Lawyers provide update on case against steel plant operators (CB Post: Mar. 22/07)
Cement recipes next on list for tar ponds (CB Post: Mar. 12/07)
Donham a key player in getting cleanup on track (CB Post: Mar. 10/07)
Communication, not defence now on agency's agenda (CB Post: Mar. 6/07)
Donham no longer voice of tar ponds agency (CB Post: Mar. 5/07)

Clean Harbors Fire (Hamilton Spectator: Feb. 20/07)
Moving items needed for tar ponds cleanup will be big job... (CB Post: Feb. 20/07)
Topsoil among items which will be needed for tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Feb. 17/07)
Solutions, please (Herald: Feb. 16/07)
Information Morning Answerback by Marlene Kane (CBC Radio: Feb. 14/07)
Use incinerator savings to move people out (CB Post: Feb. 10/07)
Engineering firm studying future use of sites (CB Post: Feb. 9/07)
Guysborough landfill runoff treated at Sydney plant (CB Post: Feb. 7/07)
Leave the source, block the pathway (Herald: Feb. 5/07)
Tar ponds fix looks familiar (Herald: Feb. 5/07)
Tar Ponds Q & A (CB Post: Feb. 5/07)
Next cleanup harder once tar ponds capped (CB Post: Feb. 2/07)
More than protesters left out in the cold (CB Post: Feb. 1/07)
Delays, cost, method all lead to skepticism (CB Post: Feb. 1/07)

It took decades to find the obvious (CB Post: Jan. 31/07)
It's disheartening to hear of people barred (CB Post: Jan. 31/07)
MPs not happy with comments about tar ponds (CB Post: Jan. 31/07)
Tar ponds cleanup 'a joke,' technically flawed, says May(C.P.: Jan. 30/07)
Banning environmentalists a shocking decision (CB Post: Jan. 30/07)
Barred Dissenters Owed An Apology (CB Post: Jan. 30/07)
Host of Recommendations (CB Post: Jan. 30/07)
Tar ponds protesters want an apology (CB Post: Jan. 30/07)
Cleanup green light C.B.'s moment to demonstrate potential (CB Post: Jan. 30/07)
Environmentalists kept from tar ponds announcement (CB Post: Jan. 29/07)
Morgan wonders what comes next (CB Post: Jan. 29/07)
Cleanup gets big green light (CB Post: Jan. 29/07)
It?s a big coverup (CB Post: Jan. 29/07)
Cape Bretoners will finally learn how tar ponds will be cleaned up (CB Post: Jan. 27/07)
Ottawa, Nova Scotia set to make long-awaited tar ponds announcement (CP: Jan. 26)
First Nation communities hoping to pick up tar pond projects (CB Post: Jan. 26/07)
Former steel plant operators try to have part of suit dismissed (CB Post: Jan. 24/07)
Randle Reef cleanup is a top priority: mayor (Hamilton Spectator: Jan. 22/07)
Activist: Study confirms cleanup plan problems (Herald: Jan. 22/07)
Tar ponds deal expected soon (CB Post: Jan. 19/07)
Tar ponds will get boring (CB Post: Jan. 10/07)
Canada's politicians carry chemical cocktail (Globe and Mail: Jan. 03/07)


Decision on cleanup delayed until January (CB Post: Dec. 21)
Governments can't ignore list of cleanup conditions (CB Post: Dec. 16)
Hall wants environment minister to visit tar ponds (CB Post: Dec. 13)
Federal government continues to scrutinize tarponds project (CB Post: Dec. 12)
No firm date yet for tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Dec. 5)
Deciding what's outrageous a matter of viewpoint (CB Post: Dec. 1)

Sludge contained in storage tank on coke ovens site destroyed (CB Post: Nov. 29)
Workshop highlights cleanup opportunities (CB Post: Nov. 2)

Companies team up to lead tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Oct. 13)
No shortage of ideas for tar ponds, ovens sites (Herald: Oct. 07)
Partnership hosts workshop on tar ponds (CB Post: Oct. 03)

Tar Ponds cleanup brings economic windfall to Sydney (CB Post: Sept. 28)
Tar ponds could have concrete solution - CBU conference (Herald: Sept. 20)
Toxic site cleanup subject of CBU conference (Herald: Sept. 19)

Engineering contract awarded - $30M Earth Tech deal (CB Post: Aug. 30)
Green Leader well chosen (CB Post: Aug. 29)
Tar ponds expert takes home first-ever Bruno Award (CB Post: Aug. 28)
Sierra Club concerned about cleanup plans (CB Post: Aug. 14)
Testing will help deal with panel concerns (CB Post: Aug. 4)

Cleanup report appears to confirm waste of time (CB Post Letter: July 31)
Review Finds Serious Snag (CB Post Editorial: July 29)
Report: Canada needs to work harder to cut toxic pollution (Herald: July 27)
May gives Tar Ponds report a B-plus (CB Post: July 24)
Government will likely choose to cap tar ponds, resident fears (Herald: July 22)
Still a few twists and turns left in tar ponds cleanup journey (CB Post: July 19)
Panel issues cleanup caution (CB Post: July 14)
Ministers receive tar ponds cleanup report from panel (CB Post: July 13)
Tar ponds cleanup delayed (Herald: July 8)
MLA to demand dust probe (Herald: July 5)

Devco sets aside $16m for remediation (Herald: June 21)
Coal tar spill threatens reservoir in northern China (Canadian Press: June 15)

Green party candidate claims bias in Sydney tar ponds cleanup (Herald: May 31)
Tar Ponds Recap (CB Post: May 27)
Open house will discuss Sydney rock barrier (Herald: May 26)
Tar ponds: do the best with money we have, quickly (Herald: May 24)
Brison supports CBU toxic cleanup research project (CB Post: May 22)
Rock wall to be built at tar ponds (Herald: May 20)

The panel has left the building (CB Post: May 19)
CBRM likes idea of corridor that links areas (CB Post: May 18)
INCINERATION: Plan for PCBs may be snuffed out (CB Post: May 18)
Joint Review Panel concludes public hearings on Tar Ponds (May 18)
Incineration option not popular with joint panel review audience (CB Post: May 17)
Sierra Club: Cleanup plan cheaper but ineffective (Herald: May 17)
Sydney could receive big benefits from new tar ponds cleanup policy (Herald: May 16)
Former Frederick Street resident recalls horror of toxic backyard (CB Post: May 16)
Incineration plans given rough treatment (CB Post: May 15)
Future use of remediated sites key to students' presentation (CB Post: May 13)
Membertou's role in cleanup has yet to be determined (CB Post: May 12)
Incineration unacceptable, says Sydney oncologist (CB Post: May 11)
Residents stress importance of health issues (CB Post: May 10)
Grand Lake Road residents don't want incineration (CB Post: May 9)
Tar ponds panel hears about social impact (CB Post: May 8)
Tar ponds a priority: MacKay (CB Post: May 8)
Transparent communication on air exceedences during cleanup discussed... (CB Post: May 6)
Day 5: 'Hope, faith' in cleanup may still be needed, say panel members (CB Post: May 5)
Harbour protection a hot topic on Day 4 (CB Post: May 4)
Concern for health, water sources highlight Day 3 (CB Post: May 3)
Wide range of topics at tar ponds joint panel (CB Post: May 2)
Tar ponds plan quizzed (CB Post: May 1)
Scrutiny of tar ponds plan begins today (CB Post: Apr. 29)

Cleanup grilled Public hearings kick off on tar ponds incineration plan (Herald: Apr. 30)
Hearings begin over hotly debated tar ponds cleanup (CBC: Apr. 29)
Take incineration off the table (Herald: Apr. 29)
Getting the scoop on a toxic site (Herald: Apr. 27)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency committed to cleanup project (CB Post: Apr. 26)
Local businesses should benefit from tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Apr. 26)
Harbourside Commercial Park a hub of activity (CB Post: Apr. 26)
Cleanup gets to hearings (CB Post Editorial Comment: Apr. 22)
May mulls politics as next career move (CBC: April 13)
Tar ponds agency stands by proposal to incinerate sludge(Herald: April 12)
Review panel wants written summaries (CB Post: Apr. 8)
Students taking tar ponds project to national science fair (CB Post: Apr. 8)
Panel to begin hearings April 29 Panel Procedures (PDF)
Elizabeth May resigns from Sierra Club (CB Post: Apr. 6)

Tar ponds cleanup panel seeks additional information (Herald: Mar. 18 )
High illness rate near oil sands worrisome, says Alberta health official(CBC: Mar. 10)
Chasing the cancer answer - Wendy Mesely on Marketplace
Panel receives STPA's response to public comments on EIS (Mar. 3)

Membertou tar ponds project attracting attention (CB Post: Feb. 25)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency adds five employees to its ranks (CB Post: Feb. 23)
May vows to find legal avenue to stop strip mining (CB Post: Feb. 7)

Municipal council votes against incineration of tar ponds sludge (CB Post: Jan. 27)
Council says no to tar ponds incinerator (CBC: Jan. 25)
Businesses hope to cash in on Sydney tar ponds cleanup(Herald: Jan. 23)
Public opposed to incineration (CB Post: Jan. 19)
Panel has questions about tar ponds plan (CB Post: Jan. 16)
Residents: Incinerated sludge not wanted (Herald: Jan. 12)
Firms: Cleanup won't hurt environment (Herald: Jan. 4/06)


Cofferdam to control dirty water (CB Post: Nov. 24)
Province optimistic new biomedical waste contract will soon be in place (CB Post: Nov. 22)
Incinerator emissions double the allowable limit (CB Post: Nov. 19)
Order, Order! Six Nova Scotians receive Order of Canada (Herald: Nov. 19)
Domtar sludge yet to be fully removed (Herald: Nov. 17)
Phase II funding announced for Tar Ponds Panel Review
Sierra Club member says Sydney Tar Ponds Agency attempting to stop debate (CB Post: Nov. 8)
Important lessons from other clean-up projects (CB Post: Nov. 5)
Moving Domtar sludge an unpopular task (CB Post: Nov. 5)
Respondents to mayor's survey call for smaller council (CB Post: Nov. 3)

Mi'kmaq sign tar ponds agreement (CB Post: Oct. 29)
Delegation examines five cleanup projects in Alberta & US (CB Post: Oct. 21)
Jobs filled at Tar Ponds Agency (CB Post: Oct. 20)
Attempt to claim tar ponds work to be made (CB Post: Oct. 18)
Domtar Tank Snags Again (CB Post Editorial: Oct. 8)
Donham: Environmentalists in way of cleanup (Herald: Oct. 6)
Independent engineer confirmed for toxic clean up (CB Post: Oct. 6)
NB says no to tar ponds material for Bennett test burn(Canada East: Oct. 5)
Mi'kmaq have deal with governments cleaning up tar ponds: Christmas(CB Post: Oct. 5)

Lesley Griffiths, William H.R. Charles and Louis LaPierre appointed to Tar Ponds Panel
Belledune incinerator to accept Domtar Tank sludge (Communications NB)
Partnership hopes to cash in on tar ponds cleanup (Herald: Sept. 13)
$194,640 participant funding available for Phase II Tar Ponds Panel (Sept. 9)

Two Cape Breton women named to Order of Canada (CB Post Aug. 31)
Final Guidelines released for Environmental Impact Statement (CEEA - Aug. 30)
Coke Ovens Brook to be diverted (CB Post: Aug. 27)
Tar Ponds Sludge Photo (CB Post Front Page: Aug. 25)
Tar Ponds samples to be collected (CB Post Aug. 24)
Parker Donham slams group in letter to his Alma Mater(Putney School Mag.)
Misplaced censure fails to explain parked sludge (CB Post Aug. 15)
New water lines will soon be installed in Whitney Pier (CB Post Aug. 11)
Traffic blamed for high levels of iron, dust (CB Post Aug. 5)
Operational glitches a fact of life for cleanup (CB Post Aug. 4)

Future home of Domtar tank goop remains a mystery (CB Post July 29)
Tar ponds cleanup still a year away (CBC July 29)
N.S. has tar pond final say (Herald July 15)
Canada, NS Sign Agreement for Joint Panel Review (Canada News Wire July 14)
CBU professor studying aquatic life in Sydney tar ponds (CB Post July 14)
Tar ponds no health hazard to pregnant women: study (CBC July 8)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines (PDF-CEAA June 30)
Auditor general finds dozens of fuel-fouled NS sites(Herald June 30)
Participant Funding Review Committee's Report (CEAA June 28)
Disposal of debris at coke ovens site delayed (Herald June 25)
Ontario company to monitor remediation of tar ponds(CB Post June 16)
Panel Review Quietly Ago (CB Post Editorial June 11)
Tour demonstrates deep knowledge of those involved...(CB Post June 11)
Agreement for tar ponds panel ready for public comment (CB Post June 8)
More join lawsuit against power utility (Herald June 8)
Chamber wants tar ponds updates (Herald June 8)
Tar ponds cleanup: Let's get on with it (Herald June 5)
Belledune residents seek health answers (CBC NB June 1)

Louisdale student wins with microbes (Herald May 24)
Federal decision for panel review 'disappointing'(CB Post Letter May 23)
Questions abound over plan to firm up the tar ponds (CB Post Letter May 21)
Strike A Blow For Openness (CB Post Editorial May 21)
Tar ponds cleanup: for the record (Herald May 19)
CBRM committee closes its doors to public, media (CB Post Front Pg. May 18)
References to criteria don't give a full answer (CB Post Letter May 17)
Cleanup will serve for another election (CB Post Letter May 16)
Minister right to resist pressure against a panel (CB Post Letter May 16)
Water Levels Lowered To Assist Sewer Construction (STPA May 16)
Government officials will miss first tar ponds deadline (CB Post May 14)
Cleanup panel review means delay (CB Post Letter May 14)
Misunderstandings (Voice of the people - Herald: May 11)
Nova Scotia, not Ottawa, delaying tar ponds cleanup (Herald May 10)
Another tar ponds cleanup delay? (Herald May 4)
Review panel the right choice (CB Post Letter May 3)
Skeptics Greet Timelines (CB Post Editorial May 3)
Toxic cleanup will be studied again (CB Post May 3)
JAG consultation underestimated cost of cleanup (CB Post May 2)
Ottawa to call for full panel review of tar ponds cleanup (CB Post May 2)

Activist joins call to reject full-panel review (Herald Apr. 29)
Full review may 'derail' cleanup (Herald Apr. 27)
Community leaders reiterate need for comprehensive study(CB Post Apr. 26)
Sierra Club wants review of cleanup (Herald Apr. 23)
C.B. board wants in-house study (Herald Apr. 22)
C.B. health board wants full review of tar ponds plan (Herald Apr. 21)
Sydney businessman wants to construct incinerator (CB Post Apr. 15)
Tar ponds cleanup: Informed media vital (Herald Apr. 8)
Alberta, Imperial Oil agree to subdivision cleanup plan (Globe and Mail Apr. 6)
Tar ponds: make haste, bury waste (Herald Apr. 2)

Ship out sludge(Letter to Herald Mar. 29)
Smoking bill rises for NSP - Dirty-air fines cost NSP $448,000(Herald Mar. 21)
Demolition changing landscape at Sysco (CB Post Mar. 18)
U.S. environmentalist says lessons of Love Canal apply to N.B.(940 News: Mar. 17)
Tank removal work resumes at tar ponds site (Herald Mar. 14)
C.B. University to study waterways (Herald Mar. 14)
Incineration trust poisoned (Weekend-Feedback, CB Post Mar. 12)
Sierra Club delivers petition to Ottawa against incineration (CB Post Mar. 9)
CBRM official will call for government study of toxic cleanup plan (CB Post Mar. 9)
Burning PCBs dangerous, antiquated: professor (CB Post Mar. 4)
Lifetime project? (Letter to Herald Mar. 4)
Advocacy committee makes case against incineration (CB Post Mar. 3)

UCCB students oppose incinerator (CB Post Feb. 28)
CBU students slag tar ponds plan (Herald Feb. 28)
Guysborough to get CBRM trash (Herald Feb. 23)
Honour commitments (Letter to Herald Feb. 22)
Sysco PCBs gone to Alberta for incineration (CB Post Feb. 22)
Dion gets bird's-eye view of tar ponds site (CB Post Feb. 21)
Labour favours comprehensive study (CB Post Feb. 18)
Cost of running Battery Point sewage treatment plant doubles (CB Post Feb. 18)
Full Panel Assessment the obvious course (Letter to the CB Post - Feb. 17)
Firm hopes to make cash from biomedical trash (Herald Feb. 17)
Heating systems blamed for high C.B. chemical levels (Herald Feb. 16)
A way with words? (Letter to Herald Feb. 16)
Opinions on assessment process sought (CB Post Feb. 15)
Price to be paid for voicing views on the cleanup (Letter CB Post - Feb. 10)
Sierra Club exclusion hard to understand (Letter CB Post - Feb. 10)
Please stop the incineration (Letter CB Post - Feb. 10)
Fight brewing over burning of toxic sludge (Herald Feb. 9)
Plan for tar ponds cleanup laid out (CB Post Feb. 9)
VJ Coal Wash Plant picked as tar ponds incinerator site (CBC News Feb. 8)
Cleanup unveiling draws near (Herald Feb. 7)
Not a social club (Letter to Herald Feb. 7)
Bad strategy (Letter to Herald Feb. 7)
Tar ponds plan not expected today (CB Post Feb. 3)
"Nice" and "Kind" strange criterea (Letter to the CB Post - Feb. 2)
Health Dept. looking for alternate disposal methods for biomedical waste (CB Post Feb. 2)

Sierra Club exclusion an astonishing move (CB Post Jan. 31)
Liaison committee needs Sierra Club (CB Post Jan. 28)
'David Suzukis' frozen out of liason group (CB Post Jan. 27)
Sydney dentist to head tar ponds liaison committee (CB Post Jan. 26)
Groups invited to help oversee toxic cleanup (Herald Jan. 26)
Suzuki slams latest plan for tar ponds (Herald Jan. 24)
Details of tar ponds cleanup to be released next month (CB Post Jan. 21)
"Get on with it" view not the only one (Letter to CB Post Jan. 19)
Moms-to-be, Watch What you Breathe (Ivanhoe Broadcast News: Jan. 18)
Sierra Club opposes burning of PCB-laden sludge (CB Post Ad. Jan. 15)
Tar ponds cleanup seen as revenue maker (Herald Jan. 15)
Province's timeline allows ample time for panel review (CB Post Jan. 15)
CBRM to review environmental assessment options (CB Post Jan. 13)
Eyking-led group meets with environment minister (CB Post Jan. 13)
Taxpayers face $23m Sysco bill (Herald Jan. 7)
Tar ponds waste to be burned - Our worst fears confirmed, Sierra Club says(Herald Jan. 7)
Sierra Club director alarmed at tar pond cleanup strategy (CB Post Jan. 7)
First details of tar ponds cleanup strategies released (CB Post Jan. 6)
Incinerator's biomedical waste contract extended for one year (CB Post Jan. 6)


Keep review in-house, says councillor (Herald Dec. 28)
Mayor decries state of tar-ponds cleanup (Halifax Daily News Dec. 22)
Suzuki coming to speak, tour Sydney tar ponds (Herald Dec. 21)
Public to have say in incinerator location (Herald Dec. 18)
Environmentalist David Suzuki to visit (CB Post Dec. 18)
Tar ponds group feels full panel review will snag cleanup process (Herald Dec. 15)
Hamm rejects full review of tar ponds cleanup (Herald Dec. 8)
Low exposure to benzene linked to changes in blood (Miami Herald Dec. 3)

Brison seems ready to act (Letter to CB Post: Nov. 18)
Work suspended on Domtar Tank removal (CB Post Nov. 17)
Brison keeps his cool under heat to fast-track cleanup (CB Post Editorial: Nov. 13)
federal minister Scott Brison big on decentralization (Halifax Herald Nov. 13)
Minister takes cautious approach to tar ponds (CB Post Nov. 13)
Truck with PCB-laden soil catches fire on C.B. road (Halifax Herald Nov. 11)
Case management judge to be selected to deal with tar ponds lawsuit (CB Post Nov. 9)
N.S. lax on green-law policing, study finds (Halifax Herald Nov. 1)

ADI Will Manage Relocation of Coke Ovens Brook (STPA Press Release: Oct. 21)
Sierra Club rates candidates (Halifax Herald Oct. 16)
Cape Breton residents head to polls today (CB Post Oct. 16)
Mayoral candidates square off (CB Post Oct. 7)
Firm hired for tar ponds review (CB Post Oct. 4)
Imagine 2010 looks at tar ponds opportunitunities (CB Post Oct. 2)

Sierra Club CB sends environmental questionnaire to council & mayoralty candidates
Sierra Club invites community to public meeting re Tar Ponds (CB Post Ad: Sept. 30)
Ontario to ban untreated toxic waste (Toronto Star: Sept. 28)
Cleanup technologies all got a fair look (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 25)
Second leak detected at Domtar cleanup site (Herald: Sept. 23)
Brison coming to gauge community's preference for assessment (CB Post: Sept. 20)
Sydney cleanup could be showcase (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 18)
Tar Ponds cleanup details will be available online (Herald: Sept. 18)
Shots Traded Over Review (CB Post Editorial: Sept. 13)
Incinerator safety far from 'proven' in Canada (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 13)
Burn-and-bury the cheap way out (Letter to CB Post: Sept. 13)
Sydney Tar Ponds Agency Gets New Status (STPA Press Release: Sept. 10)
Sierra Club, tar ponds agency still at odds over cleanup (CB Post: Sept. 10)
Environmental Group Endorses Environmentally Advanced Technology (SCC: Sept. 9)
Polluting Cape Breton has got to stop (CB Post - Political Insights: Sept. 8)
Sludge not coming here (The Observer: Sept. 3)
Company touted by Sierra Club ... out of business (CB Post: Sept. 1)

Eco Logic ceasing operations, selling assets (Can. Press: Aug. 28)
Tar ponds a stinky problem for officials (Herald: Aug. 22)
Pier homes blanketed by coal-like dust (Herald: Aug. 22)
Green tour sloshes through tar ponds (Herald: Aug. 19)
Herald readers say they wouldn't eat Whitney Pier blueberries (Herald: Aug. 10)
Longtime incinerator critic pleased facility may be closed (CB Post: Aug. 7)
Cleanup, removal of Domtar tank resumes with various charges (CB Post: Aug. 5)
Toxic sites not polluting berries, says expert (CB Post: Aug. 3)

Sydney safe place to live: health officials (CB Post: July 31)
NS Gov. press release on soil study (July 30)
Is there a link between tar ponds and quarry? (Letter to CB Post: July 30)
Former JAG chairman to run for mayor of CBRM (Herald: July 29)
Agreement allows work to resume at Domtar tank(CB Post: July 22)
Federal department building community partnerships(CB Post: July 20)
Something smells about monitoring system (Letter to CB Post: July 20)
Brook's realignment will be first step in cleaning up tar ponds...(CB Post: July 16)
Cleanup consultant sought (Herald: July 16)
Declaration of clean air smells rather suspect (Letter to CB Post: July 14)
Remove dam to alleviate tar ponds odours (Letter to CB Post: July 10)
Continuous monitors have limitations (Letter to CB Post: July 10)
Periodic monitoring isn't sufficient (Letter to CB Post: July 10)
Domtar tank ready, project can move to next stage (CB Post: July 8)
Bring in real time monitors (Letter to CB Post: July 3)

Air quality protection under full review (Letter to CB Post: June 26)
NS Liberal Cuzner suggests toxic material will be disposed of locally(Can. Press: June 25)
Smelly tar ponds upsetting residents (CB Post: June 25)
Effects of chronic air pollution on health of children (June 24)
Agency seeks ways to keep public informed (CB Post: June 23)
Monitoring falls short in ensuring air quality (CB Post: June 19)
High lead levels found near NB school (Globe and mail: June 11)
Vapours show some flaws (CB Post Editorial: June 10)
Authorities failing to protect health (Letter to CB Post: June 10)
Residents protest discovery of airborne chemical (CB Post: June 9)
Secrecy over gas leak disturbing - Morgan (Herald: June 9)
Gas worry halts work in cleanup (Herald: June 8)
Tar ponds project a priority notes minister (Letter to CB Post: June 7)
Project requires full panel review; MP should clarify position..(CB Post: June 5)
More tar ponds promises? (Letter to CB Post: June 5)

Layton mistrusts feds' tar ponds promises (Herald: May 29)
Review Type In Dispute - Jockeying continues over approach...(CB Post: May 29)
Don't tell us again--Just do it (Letter to CB Post: May 29)
Legislation will decide how cleanup is assessed (CB Post: May 28)
Sierra Club expects panel review for cleanup (CB Post: May 26)
Membertou to discuss role in tar ponds cleanup with federal negotiator (CB Post: May 26)
Monumental day (Letter to Herald from Keith MacDonald, president, JCI: May 24)
Sending work off the island no surprise (Letter to CB Post: May 24)
Money for health initiatives could have funded cohort studies (CB Post: May 22)
Anderson announces Full Panel Review of Belldune incinerator(CEAA PR: May 21)
Health district promoting healthy living (CB Post: May 20)
Letter cheaper than tar ponds postcards (Letter to CB Post: May 20)
Postcard money could be better spent (Letter to CB Post: May 20)
Cleanup announcements seem to hug elections (Letter to CB Post: May 20)
Tar Ponds Postcards Anger Some People (CB Post: May 18)
Tar ponds come full circle (Herald: May 17)
Tar-ponds plan raises brows but few hopes (Globe and Mail: May 13)
Tar ponds activist wants residents moved (Herald: May 13)
Burning, burial plan for tar ponds (Herald: May 13)
Type of environmental assessment isn't decided (CB Post: May 13)
Cleanup Relaunched (CB Post: May 13)
$400M earmarked for tar ponds (Toronto Star: May 12)
Seeing light at bottom of tar ponds (Herald: May 12)
View provincial plans on new Sydney Tar Ponds Agency site
Sydney tar ponds get $400-million cleanup (CBC Nova Scotia: May 12)
Burning, burying options for tar ponds (CBC Nova Scotia: May 11)
Community Meeting at the Steel Workers' Hall - Wed., May 12
'Proven' cleanup plan picked for tar ponds: MP (CBC Nova Scotia: May 10)
Cleaning Bill - Toxic Sites (Canadian Geographic Magazine: May/June)
Launch of cleanup will be economic boost for Cape Breton (CB Post: May 8)
Cleanup News A Big Break (CB Post Editorial: May 8)
$400m tab limits tar ponds options (Herald: May 8)
Pier residents top priority (Herald: May 7)
Tar Ponds Cleanup Deal May Be Near (CB Post: May 7)
Ottawa and Nova Scotia plan $400-million cleanup of tar ponds (Canadian Press: May 6)
Ottawa appoints tar ponds negotiator (Herald: May 3)
Province prepared to start coke ovens cleanup - Russell (Herald: May 2)
Federal election could derail tar ponds remediation: JAG (CB Post: May 1)

Contract Awarded To Demolish Buildings (CB Post: Apr. 24)
Group agrees to press for cleanup (CB Post: Apr. 23)
Soil tests point to an identifiable pollution source (CB Post: Apr. 17)
Nova Scotia?s medical officer refutes May?s column (Hill Times: Apr. 12)
Push needed now for cleanup (CB Post: Apr. 3)
Move people before next cleanup (CB Post: Apr. 3)
Tender issued to demolish buildings at former incinerator complex (CB Post: Apr. 2)
Membertou officials still waiting for money ... (CB Post: Apr. 1)

Soil Picture Mostly Murky (CB Post editorial: Mar. 31)
Minister responds - Ottawa ready to move ahead on big cleanup (CB Post: Mar. 31)
CBRM's sewage plant project underway (CB Post: Mar. 30)
Former steelworker says tar ponds cleanup is political tug-of-war (CB Post: Mar. 30)
Province urges Ottawa to start cleanup (CB Post: Mar. 29)
Federal Environment minister responds to Cecil Clarke's ultimatum (Press R: Mar. 27)
Buyout program should be offered within a radius (CB Post: Mar. 27)
Cleanup Sees Next Hurdle : Push is on to ink a cleanup deal (CB Post: Mar. 27)
Clarke issues feds ultimatum in cleanup of tar ponds (CB Post: Mar. 26)
Tar ponds cleanup hinges on cost-sharing, premier says (Herald: Mar. 26)
Toxic contamination key to lawsuit (CB Post- Headline: Mar. 25)
Sydney families file $1-billion suit (Herald: Mar. 25)
Residents still waiting for results of soil sampling completed in 2001 (CB Post: Mar. 24)
Money set aside for tar ponds, other sites (Herald: Mar. 24)
Attack on Sierra Club inaccurate and unfair (CB Post: Mar. 20)
Study to determine best way to remove sludge (CB Post: Mar. 19)
Municipality facing garbage woes (CB Post headline: Mar. 18)
CBRM may lose biomedical waste business (CB Post headline: Mar. 16)
May responds to NS government attack-ad on Sierra Club (Hill Times: Mar. 15)
Writer defends environmentalist - takes JAG process to task (CB Post: Mar. 13)
Tender call for tar ponds "sediment excavation, transport and dewatering" (Mar. 12)
Parker Donham of STPA uses ad to try to discredit Sierra Club study (Mar. 8)
Comments on tar ponds don't add up (Letter to CB Post: Mar. 8)
Former chair of ROWG takes environmentalist to task (CB Post: Mar. 6)
Incinerator to be scrapped (Herald: Mar. 5)
Sysco liquidator's role in cleanup questioned (CB Post: Mar. 4)
Future of faulty tar ponds incinerator up in air (CBC online: Mar. 4)
Premier may get Sysco receiver involved in tar ponds remediation (CB Post: Mar. 3)
Hamm says CBRM getting its share of money (CB Post: Mar. 2)

Personal attack suggests attempt to avoid substance of dust issue(Letter to CB Post: Feb. 28)
Province announces intention to buy three polluted homes (Herald: Feb. 27)
Cleanup motive still a mystery (Letter to CB Post: Feb. 26)
Tar Ponds dust study profiled in environmental health journal (CB Post: Feb. 25)
Neighborhoods surrounding Sydney tar ponds heavily contaminated (Press Release: Feb. 24)
Belledune residents claim major victory ( Feb. 24)
Conservation Council of New Brunswick headed to court (Press Release: Feb. 20)
Before recommending cleanup options, JAG did its homework thoroughly (CB Post: Feb. 14)
Action Needed (Voice of the people - Herald: Feb. 13)
Property lines at heart of tar pond cleanup dispute (Herald: Feb. 9)
On the contrary, JAG failed its own mandate (Letter to CB Post: Feb. 7)
Tar ponds fixation turns wrong face of community to the world (Letter to CB Post: Feb. 6)
Coal remains powerful - NSP plans to keep burning fuel (Herald: Feb. 6)
Calls increase for probe into why hospital staff got sick (Herald: Feb. 6)
No tar ponds politics, please (Herald: Feb. 5)
Consultant needed to detail conditions at tar ponds (CB Post: Feb. 5)
Residents prepare to file injury claims linked to tar ponds (CB Post: Feb. 4)
N.S., feds at odds over tar ponds cost-sharing (Herald: Feb. 4)
Announcement of federal money for tar ponds cleanup welcomed (CB Post: Feb. 3)
Liberals promise $4 billion to clean up toxic sites, including tar ponds (Can. Press:Feb. 3)

JAG process brought benefits to community (Letter to CB Post: Jan. 31)
Fore! Film takes a swing at Sydney tar Ponds (CB Post: Jan. 29)
Coal case file in N.S. (Herald: Jan. 29)
Sysco officials deny demolition work about to be handed out (CB Post: Jan. 29)
Canaries in the mine: Evidence of chemical effects on kids mounts
After seven years and $68 million, cleanup stillborn (Letter to CB Post: Jan. 24)
Nova Scotia both pollution perpetrator and victim (Globe and Mail: Jan. 22)
Sysco cleanup contracting to be reviewed (Herald: Jan. 20)
Environmental groups mourn loss of Larry Nixon (Press Release: Jan. 13)
Province seeking communication services for tar ponds cleanup (CB Post: Jan. 12)
Sue governments if cleanup stalls (Letter to CB Post: Jan. 12)
Cleanup In Limbo: Cabinet Rep. Declines To Reaffirm Fed. Commitment (CB Post Jan. 7)
No promises to clean up tar ponds (CB Post - Front Page: Jan. 6, 2004)
New Federal Minister To Visit CBRM (CB Post: Jan. 3, 2004)

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